ICT - Section 4

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  1. Explain the difference between a word processor and a DTP:
    Give some exemplar documents that could be created with each one!!
    A word processor allows the user to edit, delete and format text documents. Examples are reports, essays, memories and letters

    A DTP creates publications that contains text and images. Examples are leaflets, flyers, business cards, brochures, newspapers, newsletters and magazines. 

    However, the improving technology has allowed the user to deal with images in a word processor.
  2. DTP software is frame based. Explain what this means!
    This means that the publications in a DTP are in blocks/frames. The frames could be moved and re-sized. However, moving one piece of data wouldn't affect the composition of other pieces of data. Whereas in a word processor removing data from the middle would life text that was below it.
  3. To format text in a DTP or a word processor, indents and tabs could be used. Explain these are.
    An indent determines how far from the edges of the page the text would be located. It could be milimetres away from the right and left; it could have do indents too. 

    Tabs are inserted by using the tab key. It creates distances between the indents to aligns text and to create vertical lines of text downwards.
  4. Explain the following:
    C - STYLE 
    • A - Auto wrap is another name for text wrap
    • B - pagination is a name for numbering pages
    • C - a style is a set of formations that could be applied to text.
    • D - a style sheet contains all the different types of styles used in a document.
  5. Give simple answers to the following: 
    A - When you insert a table into a word processor can you merge a table and undo the merge? 

    B - Can borders be inserted around pages and blocks of text in a Word processor or a DTP file? Whats its purpose?

    C - Word count can be done in...

    D - what are watermarks?
    A - yes!

    B - yes! Bordering breaks pieces of information making it easier to read. 

    C - Most word processing and DTP software.

    D -  a picture or text behind the main text - makes it confidential, to show that the document is a draft or to make it look pretty.
  6. Give three reasons why using a style could be beneficial?
    • 1. it creates consistency making the document look professional
    • 2. By updating the style or by picking another one the style of it can be quickly changed without altering any text.
    • 3. The style could also be used to create a table of contents.
  7. Grammar and spell checkers improve written communication. Can you list some issues related to it?
    • Grammar check - 
    • a - not always reliable because grammar depends on contexts and most software isn't powerful enough to take this into account. 

    • Spell check - 
    • a - you must make sure that it is in the correct language.
    • b - it doesn't consider the context, but only checks if spelling is correct!
    • c. The word checker could have mistakes - a word checker contained a misspelling of "liaise".
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