PSYC370 ch15

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  1. What is the difference between contingent drug tolerance and conditioned drug tolerance?
    • Contingent drug tolerance: tolerance that develops only to drug effects that are actually experienced
    • Conditioned drug tolerance: tolerance effects maximally expressed when drug is administered in the same situation in which it has been previously administered
  2. What is a conditioned compensatory response?
    physiological response, opposite to the effect of the drug, elicited by stimuli that are regularly associated with experiencing the drug effects
  3. How is drug withdrawal effects and conditioned compensatory responses similar? How are they they both different?
    • both are responses that are opposite to the unconditioned effect of the drug
    • difference- drug withdrawal effects are produced by by elimination of drugs from the body, conditioned compensatory responses are elicited by drug predictive cues in the absence of the drug
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