westward expansion

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  1. Why did the settlers cross the Appalachians and built settlements?
    the east became more populated
  2. Why were there conflicts between the American Indians and the settlers?
    The settlers moved into the Indians territory
  3. Where is the Erie Canal located?
    Goes east to west across New York State
  4. Who purchased the Louisiana territory?
    President Jefferson
  5. What happened to the U.S after the Louisiana purchase?
    The size of the United States doubled
  6. Who sold the Louisiana territory?
  7. Where did Louis and Clark explore?
    The western part of the continent
  8. What did Lewis and Clark gather?
    information about the terrain, plants, American Indians, they found a passage way across the rocky mountains to the pacific ocean
  9. Who did the war hawks blame for indian attacks on frontier settlement?
    Great Britain
  10. What caused the war of 1812?
    conflicts with Great britain
  11. Where did the British invade during the war of 1812?
    Washington D.C. They burned the Capitol and the White House
  12. Who wrote a poem describing the flag at the battle of McHenry?
    Francis Scott
  13. The poem about the flag at the battle of McHenry became what?
    The star spangled banner - the country's national athem
  14. What happened to Americans after the war of 1812?
    They developed a sense of nationalism
  15. What changed the way people worked and the goods that were produced?
    The Industrial revolution
  16. What made shipping and travel faster and cheaper?
    new roads, canals, invention of the steam engine for steamboats and steam locomotives
  17. What improved telecommunications?
    the telegraph
  18. When did women and other reformers began working for changes in american society?
  19. Who was Elizabeth Cady Stanton?
    A leader for women's rights and helped the suffrage movement
  20. Who made a speech called "ain't I a woman?"
    and spoke about womens rights and against slavery?
    Sojourner Truth
  21. Who helped enslaved people to escape to freedom on the underground railroad?
    Harriet Tubman
  22. Why were Americans living in Texas angry?
    The mexican law that they could not own slaves
  23. What battle led to the independence of texas from mexico?
    The battle of the Alamo
  24. After texas became a state who went to war with Mexico?
    The United States
  25. What did the United States gain after the war with Mexico?
    California, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona and Utah
  26. Pioneers started moving westward in search of what?
    farm land, religious freedom and gold
  27. Where does the Oregon Trail begin?
    Independence Missouri
  28. How did people move to Oregon and other western areas?
    Most people traveled by wagon train
  29. What led to the California Gold rush?
    The discovery of gold in 1848
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