chromosomal vocab

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  1. Chromosome (2)
    structure made up of DNA and proteins

    • -carries the cells heriditary information
    • *genes
  2. sex chromosome
    • chromosome asosciated with an individuals sex
    • *XY
  3. autosome
    a non-sex chromosome
  4. unreplicated chromosome
    chromosome that consists of a single copy
  5. replicated chromosome (2)
    -a chromosome that has been copied

    -consists of two linear structures joined at the centromere
  6. sister chromatids
    the chromosome copies in a replicated chromosome
  7. Homologous chromosomes
    • in a diploid organism, chromosomes that are similar in size,shape, and gene content
    • *one from dad and mom
  8. non sister chromatids
    • chromosome copies in homologus chromosomes
    • *not alike
  9. tetrad
    homologous chromosomes that are joined together
  10. haploid number
    • number of differnt types of chromosomes in a cell
    • *n
  11. diploid number
    • number of chromosomes present in a diploid cell
    • *2n
  12. ploidy (2)
    -number of each type of chromosome present

    -equivalent to the number of haploid chromosome sets present
  13. (ploidy) haploid
    • having one of each type of chromosome
    • *n
  14. (ploidy) Diploid
    • having 2 of each type of chromosome
    • *2n
  15. (ploidy) Polyploid
    • having more than 2 of each type of chromosome
    • *3n=triploid
    • *4n= tetraploid
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