Paramedic school

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  1. Fick Principle
    • Adequate concentration of air
    • Appropriate movement of oxygen arcoss the alveolar/capillary membrane into the aterial blood stream
    • Adequate number of red bllod cells to carry oxygen
    • Proper tissue perfusion
    • efficant offloading of oxygen at the tissue level
  2. Abdominal Soild organs
    • Liver
    • Spleen
    • Kidneys
    • Pancrease
  3. Abdominal Hollow organs
    • Stomach
    • Intestines
    • Bladder
    • Colon
  4.                     Abdominal A&P
                    Three specific spaces
    Peritoneal- Organs cover by abdominal (peritoneal lining

    Retroperitoneal space-organs posterior to the periterior lining

    Pelvic space-Organs contained within pelvis
  5. Becks Traid
    • hypotension
    • Increased central venous pressure (distended neck/arm veins in the presence of decreased arterial BP)
    • Small quiet heart(decreased heart sounds)

    seen with Pericardial tamponade
  6. Pericardial tamponade
    Heart is compressed by blood filling the pericardial sac.

    Decreasing blood entering the heart
  7. Hemothorax
    Blood in the pleural space

    • Most comman result of major trauma
    • Assoc. with great vessel or cardiac injury
    • each lung can hold 2000-3000 cc of blood
  8. Simple Pneumothorax (closed)
    Air enters the pleural space causing partial lung collopse
  9.                 Open Pneumothorax
                    Sucking chest wound
    Wound must be 2/3 of the tracheal diameter

    Affected side is exposed to atmospheric pressures= lungs collapse and shift ventilation/perfusion ratio
  10. Tension pneumothorax
    Buildup of pressure of air under pressure within the thorax. Results in compresion on lungs reduces effectiveness of respirations.

    Can be on open or closed.

    Open-Can occur when dressing sealing would does not allow air to excape during expiration.
  11. Flail chest
    When 3 or more consecutive ribs are boken in 2 oor more places
  12.                    Thoracic trauma 
                           "lethal 6"
    • Airway obstruction
    • Tension pneomothorax
    • Caridiac Tamponade
    • Massive Hemothorax
    • Open Pneomothorax
    • Flail Chest
  13. Penetrating trauma Low,Medium and High Volocity
    Low- Stabbing

    Medium-Handguns and Shotguns

    High- Assault rifles
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