Controlling the growth of microbes

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  1. What factors affect a microbe growth?
    • Temperature
    • Nutrient availability
    • Gaseous environment
    • Atmospheric pressure
    • Water availability
    • Osmotic pressure
    • pH
  2. What does generation time refer to?
    The time taken for prokaryotic cells to reproduce through binary fission.
  3. What are artificial media?
    Media produced in laboratories designed for the growth of microbes.
  4. What are chemically defined media?
    A media where all the chemicals present are known.
  5. What is a complex media?
    Where all of the chemicals present are not know, may include animal or plant products, soil etc.
  6. What are selective media?
    Media that is tailored to the growth of particular microbes.
  7. What is differential media?
    Media that allows differentiation of the microbes being cultured.
  8. How do you grow obligate intracellular microbes?
    Using embryonic chicken eggs, animals and cells within a culture.
  9. What is sterilisation?
    The destruction or elimination of all microbes from an area.
  10. What is disinfection?
    The destruction or elimination of pathogens from an inanimate object.
  11. What is a disinfectant?
    An chemical that is used to kill pathogens on an inanimate object.
  12. What is an antiseptic?
    A chemical that is used to kill pathogens on organic material.
  13. What is sanitisation?
    The destruction, removal or elimination of microbes from an area so as to be at level considered safe.
  14. What are microbicidal agents?
    Chemicals that destroy a class of microbes eg. fungicidal, sporicidal, bacteriacidal, viricidal.
  15. What are microbiostatic agents?
    • Chemicals that inhibit the growth of, but do not necessarily kill a class of microbes.
    • eg. Bacteriostatic.
  16. What is sepsis?
    The presence of pathogens in tissues.
  17. What is asepsis?
    The absence of pathogens from tissues.
  18. What is aseptic technique?
    A technique used for the elimination of all pathogens.
  19. What are sterilisation techniques?
    Techniques used to eliminate all microbes from a given area.
  20. What are some physical methods to inhibit microbe growth?
    • Heat - boiling or burning
    • Heat and moisture - autclaves
    • Dessication - removal of water
    • Radiaton
    • Filtration
  21. What are the characteristics of an ideal chemical anti-microbial agent?
    • Kill a wide variety
    • Fast acting
    • Not affected by the presence of organic matter
    • Non toxic to humans
    • Leave a residual antimicrobial film
    • Water soluble
    • Stable in concentrated and dilute solutions
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