Social Studies Chapter 7

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  1. Constitution
    A written plan of government
  2. Debtor
    A Person who was put in prison for owing money
  3. Backcountry
    The land beyond or 'in back of' the area settled by europeans
  4. Planter
    A plantation owner
  5. Overseer
    A hired person who watched enslaved people as they worked
  6. Indigo
    A plant from which a blue dye can be produced, can be used to dye clothes.
  7. Interdependance
    Groups of people of rely on each other.
  8. Broker
    A person who is paid to buy and sell for someone else.
  9. George Calvert
    Member of the Viriginia Colony and the first Lord Baltimore; received the original charter for Maryland
  10. Cecilius Calvert
    Established the Maryland Colony
  11. James Oglethorpe
    English leader who founded the Georgia colony
  12. Eliza Lucan Pinkney
    South Carolina colonist who experimented with growing indigo plants
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Social Studies Chapter 7
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