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  1. I.                   Modernism in the Arts
    a.      Since Renaissance artists tried to represent reality as accurately as possible, by 19th, artists wanted new forms of expression 
  2. Impressionalism
    •                                                               i.      Originated in France in 1870s when a group of artists rejected the studios and museums and went out into the countryside to paint nature directly
    • 1.      Subjects were figures from daily life, nature, etc.
    • Sought originality and distinction from past artworks
  3. Camille Pissarro
    Claude Monet
    •                                                               i.      Camille Pissarro: one Imporessionalism founder
    • 1.      Pissarro and others sought to put impressions of changing effects of lights on obnects in their paintings
    •                                                             ii.      Claude Monet
    • 1.      Enchanted with water and painted many pictures trying to capture interplay of light, water and atmosphere: Impression, Sunrise
  4. Berthe Morisot
    • 1.      Broke with the practice of women being only amateur and became professional
    • a.      Her art won her the disfavor of the traditional French academic artists
    • Young Girl by the Window
  5. Post Impressionalism
    •                                                               i.      Emerged in France and spread to other European countries
    •                                                             ii.      Retained impressionist emphasis on light and color but revolutionaized it even further by paying more attention to structure and form
    • 1.      Post-impressionaists sought ot use both color and line to express inner feelings and produce a personal statement of reality rather than an imitation of objects
  6. Impressionist paintings
    •                                                               i.      Impressionist paintings retained sense of realism, but the Post-Impressionist painting shifted to subjective reality and began to withdraw from the artists’ traditional task of depicting the external world
    •                                                             ii.      Real beginning of modern art
  7. Paul Cezanne
    • 1.      Influenced by Impressionists but rejected it
    • 2.      Mont Saiinte-Victoire: he tried to express visually the underlying geometric structure and form of everything he painted
    • a.      Pressed wet bbursh on canvas
  8. Vincent van Gogh
    • 1.      Art was spiritual experience
    • 2.      Interested in color and believed it could act as its own language
    • 3.      Artists should paint what they feel= Starry Night
  9. Search for Individual Expression
    •                                                               i.      By beginning of 19th, the belief that the task of art was to represent “reality” lost meaning
    • 1.      Psychology and new phsyics made it evidnent that many people didn’t know what reality waws
    •                                                             ii.      Photography became popular and widespread after George Eastman produced the first Kodak camera for the mass market in 1888
    •                                                           iii.      Still, while camera only mirrored reality, artists created realityà wide variety of schools of painting (all impacted  after WWI)
  10. 1905
    •                                                               i.      1905: one of most important figures in modern art was beginning his career: Pablo Picasso
    • 1.      From Spain, but settled in Paris
    • 2.      Extremely flexible and painted varietyà Cubism: geometric designs as visual stimuli to re-create reality in the viewer’s mind
    • a.      Les Demoiselles d’Avignon: first Cubist painting
  11. Modern artist's
    •                                                               i.      Modern artist’s flight from visual reality reached high point in 1910 with beginning of abstract painting
    • 1.      Wassily Kandinsky: Russian in germany
    • a.      One of founders; Square with White Border
    •                                                                                                                                       i.      Avoided representation
    • 1.      Believed art should speak directly to soul
    • a.      Avoid reference to visual reality and concentrate on color
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