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  1. Review of events from Horeb to Moab
    Deuteronomy 1
  2. Conquest of Sihon and Og
    Deuteronomy 2-3
  3. Provisions for families during conquest
    Deuteronomy 3
  4. Neither add nor take away from statutes
    Deuteronomy 4
  5. Unique moral law makes Israel great
    Deuteronomy 4
  6. What nation has a God so near?"
    Deuteronomy 4
  7. What nation has such righteous statutes?"
    Deuteronomy 4
  8. Exhortation against pure nature worship
    Deuteronomy 4
  9. Second decalogue
    Deuteronomy 5
  10. God not to be tested
    Deuteronomy 6
  11. Hebrew creed
    Deuteronomy 6
  12. Ethnic separation demanded
    Deuteronomy 7
  13. "Man does not live by bread alone"
    Deuteronomy 8
  14. As man disciplines son, so God disciplines
    Deuteronomy 8
  15. Beware saying, "My power, my might"
    Deuteronomy 8
  16. Not because of your righteousness but because of their wickedness
    Deuteronomy 9
  17. What does God require of you?
    Deuteronomy 10
  18. Teach children the law
    Deuteronomy 11
  19. "Be not ensnared to follow them"
    Deuteronomy 12
  20. The law of the tithe
    Deuteronomy 14
  21. The poor always with us
    Deuteronomy 15
  22. Men give as they are able
    Deuteronomy 16
  23. Origin of stoning the disobedient
    Deuteronomy 17
  24. Free cities
    Deuteronomy 19
  25. Peace offerings before war
    Deuteronomy 20
  26. Laws concerning chastity
    Deuteronomy 22
  27. Writing of divorcement
    Deuteronomy 24
  28. Freedom for newlyweds
    Deuteronomy 24
  29. Provisions for sojourner and widow
    Deuteronomy 24
  30. Shall not muzzle the ox
    Deuteronomy 25
  31. Blessings of obedience
    Deuteronomy 28
  32. Consequences of disobedience
    Deuteronomy 28
  33. "Choose life"
    Deuteronomy 30
  34. It is no trifle, it is your life
    Deuteronomy 32
  35. Death of Moses
    Deuteronomy 34
  36. Story of Rahab
    Joshua 2 and 6
  37. Recircumcision
    Joshua 5
  38. The land is holy
    Joshua 5
  39. Jericho captured
    Joshua 6
  40. Molding disciplines
    Joshua 7
  41. Destruction of Ai
    Joshua 8
  42. Gibeonite plot
    Joshua 9
  43. Southern coalition
    Joshua 10
  44. Northern coalition
    Joshua 11
  45. Conquest not complete
    Joshua 13
  46. Allotment of land
    Joshua 14-19
  47. "Choose this day whom you will serve"
    Joshua 24
  48. They shall become adversaries to you
    Judges 2
  49. Othniel routs the Mesopotamians
    Judges 3
  50. Ehud routs Moabites
    Judges 3
  51. Deborah routs Canaanites
    Judges 4
  52. History in poetic media
    Judges 5
  53. Gideon routs Midianites
    Judges 6-7
  54. "The Lord will rule over you"
    Judges 8
  55. Anti-king reaction in Israel's early history
    Judges 9
  56. Jephthah routs Ammonites
    Judges 11
  57. Samson routs Philistines
    Judges 16
  58. "In those days there was no king"
    Judges 21
  59. 9 Empowered for a destiny
    Figure carrying burden
  60. 9 Empowered for a destiny
    Murky stream
    Israel lived in a world where evil was a reality
  61. 9 Empowered for a destiny
    Spotted tunic, burden, and broken notes
    The sinfulness of the chosen ones issued in the same disharmonies as those experienced by the first inhabitants of God's good earth.
  62. 9 Empowered for a destiny
    Extended hands
    Israel 's mission entailed a ministry to all on the earth.
  63. 9 Empowered for a destiny
    Figure clutches burden
    Preoccupied with its own burdens, Israel was not free to minister to the needs of others.
  64. 9 Empowered for a destiny
    Lamb between figure and extended hands
    Freed from its own burden by the atoning acts of God, Israel would be free to fulfill its mission.
  65. 9 Empowered for a destiny
    Manuscript message
    The atonement of God was designed by him to empower Israel "to be a blessing."
  66. Hannah's prayer
    1 Samuel 2
  67. Samuel's youth
    1 Samuel 3
  68. Overconfidence in the Ark
    1 Samuel 4
  69. The cry for a king
    1 Samuel 8
  70. Divided opinions over kingship
    1 Samuel 8
  71. Saul made king over Israel
    1 Samuel 11
  72. King and nation to follow God
    1 Samuel 12
  73. No smith in Israel
    1 Samuel 13
  74. First anointing of David
    1 Samuel 16
  75. Saul's jealousy
    1 Samuel 18
  76. David eats holy bread
    1 Samuel 21
  77. Death of Saul
    1 Samuel 31
  78. 10 The Conquest
    Masses emerging from desert
    Israel comes to conquer
  79. 10 The Conquest
    Great sword east of Jordan
    Kingdoms of Sihon and Og are crushed
  80. 10 The Conquest
    Dual swords west of Jordan
    Jericho and Ai crumble
  81. 10 The Conquest
    Sword attached to five crowns
    Southern coalition is defeated
  82. 10 The Conquest
    Single sword at base of Sea of Galilee
    Northern coalition is routed
  83. 10 The Conquest
    Figure on rock ledge
    Israel stands master of Canaan, and Joshua urges continued loyalty to true God
  84. 10 The Conquest
    Red tinges on western seacoast
    Some western fortifications are untaken and loom as a threat to Israel's destiny
  85. 11 Judges Forestall Threats
    Vacant throne, unclaimed crown, and robe
    Israel, during the period of the judges, was a loosely organized confederacy without king or central government
  86. 11 Judges Forestall Threats
    Disheveled figure on bottom right
    Personification of Israel's political enemies during period of the judges.
  87. 11 Judges Forestall Threats
    Figure holds stone axe
    Israel's enemies during the period of the judges were the small powers of the immediate locale
  88. 11 Judges Forestall Threats
    Figure with ripped tunic and broken axe handle in hand
    These small powers, who had attacked the Israelites and subjected them to bondage for brief periods, were defeated under rallies led by the judges
  89. 11 Judges Forestall Threats
    Six figures in center of picture
    The six major judges of Israel
  90. 11 Judges Forestall Threats
    Judge with raised arm
    Othniel delivered Israel from the Mesopotamian oppression
  91. 11 Judges Forestall Threats
    Judge with sword in hand
    Ehud delivered Israel from the Moabite attack — sword symbolic of gift given to King Eglon
  92. 11 Judges Forestall Threats
    Judge with tent spike in hand
    Deborah won victory over the Canaanites — tent spike associated with Sisera's death
  93. 11 Judges Forestall Threats
    Judge with lamp and trumpet in hand
    Gideon carried out psychological warfare against the Midianites with trumpets and lamps
  94. 11 Judges Forestall Threats
    Judge with manuscript in hand
    Jephthah defeated the Ammonites and in the process made rash vows
  95. 11 Judges Forestall Threats
    Judge with jawbone in hand
    Samson defeated the Philistines
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