OT 10 The Conquest picture concepts

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  1. 10 The Conquest
    Masses emerging from desert
    Israel comes to conquer
  2. 10 The Conquest
    Great sword east of Jordan
    Kingdoms of Sihon and Og are crushed
  3. 10 The Conquest
    Dual swords west of Jordan
    Jericho and Ai crumble
  4. 10 The Conquest
    Sword attached to five crowns
    Southern coalition is defeated
  5. 10 The Conquest
    Single sword at base of Sea of Galilee
    Northern coalition is routed
  6. 10 The Conquest
    Figure on rock ledge
    Israel stands master of Canaan, and Joshua urges continued loyalty to true God
  7. 10 The Conquest
    Red tinges on western seacoast
    Some western fortifications are untaken and loom as a threat to Israel's destiny

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OT 10 The Conquest picture concepts
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OT 10 The Conquest Bethel series picture concepts
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