chapter 10

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    • AIDS
    • Acquired immunodeficiency syndrom caused by HIV
  1. Agglutination
    • Agglutinat is clumping
    • -ion is process
    • The process of clumping together, as of blood cells that are incompatible.
  2. Albumin
    A group of simple proteins found in blood plasma and serum
  3. Anaphylaxis
    Exaggerated allergic reaction to foreign proteins
  4. Anemia
    • An is lack of
    • Emia is blood
    • Lack of red blood cells
  5. Anisocytosis
    • Anis/o unequal
    • Cyt is cell
    • Osis is condition
    • A condition in which the erythrocytes are unequal in size and shape
  6. Antibody
    • Anti is against
    • body is body
    • Protein substance produced in the body in response to an invading foreign substance
  7. Anticoagulant
    • Anti is against
    • Coagul is clots
    • ant is forming

    A substance that works against the formation of blood clots
  8. Antigen
    • Anti is against
    • Gen is formation or to produce

    Invading foreign substance that includes the formation of antibodies
  9. Autoimmune disease
    A condition in which the body's immune system becomes defective and produces antibodies against itself
  10. Autotransfusion
    Process of reinfusing a patient's own blood
  11. Basophil
    • Bas/o is base
    • Phil is attraction

    A white blood cell that has an attraction for a base dye
  12. Coagulable
    Able to form clots
  13. Corpuscle
    Blood cell
  14. Creatinemia
    Excess of creatine in the blood
  15. Embolus
    A blood clot carried in the bloodstream
  16. Eosinophil
    A white blood cell stains readily with a rose colored acid stain
  17. Erythroblast
    • Erythro is red
    • Blast is immature cell

    An immature red blood cell found only in bone marrow and still contains a nucleus
  18. Erythocyte
    A mature red blood cell that does not contain a nucleus
  19. Erythrocytosis
    An Abnormal condition in which there is an increase in production of red blood cells
  20. Erythropoiesis
    Formation of red blood cells
  21. Erythropoietin
    A hormone that stimulates the production of red blood cells
  22. Extravasation
    Process by which fluids or medication escape from the blood vessels into surrounding tissue
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