med term unit 8

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  1. accept
  2. affect
    influence of affect change
  3. afferent
  4. algesia
    condition of pain sensitivity
  5. algesimeter
    instrument for measuring level of pain
  6. analgesia
    condition without pain
  7. algesic
    pertaining to algesia
  8. anesthesia
    condition of no sensation
  9. anesthesiology
    science of studying the administration of anesthetics
  10. anesthetic
    agent that produces loss of sensation
  11. angiectasia
    dilation of a vessel
  12. angioblast
    immature vessel cell
  13. angiogram
    x-ray of a vessel
  14. angiolysis
    vessel destruction
  15. angioma
    vessel tumor
  16. angiopathy
    vessel disease
  17. angioplasty
    surgical repair of a vessel
  18. angiorrhexis
    rupture of a blood vessel
  19. angiosclerosis
    hardening of a vessel
  20. angioscopy
    process of looking into a vessel using a scope
  21. angiospasm
    vessel spasm
  22. arteriectasia
    dilation of an artery
  23. arteriofibrosis
    condition of fibrous growth in the arteries
  24. arteriomalacia
    softening of the arteries
  25. arteriorrhexis
    rupture of an artery
  26. arteriosclerosis
    hardening of the arteries
  27. arteriospasm
    spasm of an artery
  28. atherectomy
    excision of an atheroma or athermanous plaque from arteries
  29. atheroma
    fatty tissue tumor inside a large vessel
  30. atherosclerosis
    fatty deposits on medium to large vessels, causing hardening
  31. autonomic
    self-controlling, stress response center of the nervous system
  32. cardiorrhexis
    rupture of the heart
  33. chondrodysplasia
    defective development of cartilage
  34. cystorrhexis
    rupture of the bladder
  35. cytolysis
    cell destruction
  36. dysesthesia
    difficult or painful sensation
  37. effect
  38. efferent
  39. electoneuromyography
    process of making an image of nerve and muscle function using electricity
  40. enterorrrhexis
    rupture of the small intestine
  41. esthesiometer
    instrument used to measure the amount of sensation
  42. except
  43. fibroma
    fibrous tumor
  44. gastromalacia
    softening of the stomach
  45. gastrospasm
    stomach spasm
  46. hemangioblast
    immature blood vessel cell
  47. hemarthrosis
    blood in a joint
  48. hematocrit
    measurement of percent blood formed elements
  49. hematologist
    physician specialist in blood disorders
  50. hematology
    specialty of studying the blood
  51. hematolysis
    destruction of blood
  52. hematophobia
    abnormal fear of blood
  53. hepatorrhexis
    rupture of the liver
  54. hyperesthesia
    oversensitivity to touch
  55. hyperplasia
    abnormal over growth of cells
  56. hypoesthesia
    below normal ability to feel
  57. hysterorrhexis
    rupture of the uterus
  58. infarction
    necrosis of tissue due to ischemia
  59. ischemia
    condition in which blood flow to tissues is temporarily slowed or stopped
  60. lipolysis
    lipid destruction
  61. metrorrhexis
    rupture of uterine tissues
  62. myelocele
    spinal cord herniation
  63. myelocyte
    bone marrow or spinal cord cell
  64. myoblast
    immature muscle cell
  65. mycardial
    pertaining to the heart muscle
  66. myocarditis
    inflammation of the myocardium
  67. myofibroma
    fibrous muscle tumor
  68. myograph
    instrument used to make a picture of muscle function
  69. myography
    the process of using a myograph to make a myogram
  70. myolysis
    muscle tissue destruction
  71. myoma
    muscle tumor
  72. myopathy
    muscle disease
  73. myosclerosis
    hardening of a muscle
  74. myospasm
    muscle spasm
  75. narcolepsy
    seizures of uncontrolled sleep
  76. narcosis
    condition of being affected by narcotics
  77. narcotic
    analgesic and sleep-producing drug
  78. neuroblast
    immature nerve cell
  79. nerologist
    physician specialist in nervous system disorders
  80. neurolysis
    nerve destruction
  81. neuroma
    nerve tumor
  82. neuropathy
    nerve disease
  83. neurosis
    nerve condition characterized by anxiety and phobias
  84. neurospasm
    nerve spasm
  85. neurosurgeon
    physician specialist who performs surgery on the brain and nerves
  86. neurotripsy
    surgical crushing of a nerve
  87. parahepatitis
    inflammation near the liver
  88. paralgesia
    pain in the lower body
  89. paralgia
    abnormal pain
  90. paralysis
    loss of muscle function and sensation
  91. paramedic
    emergency medical technician with advanced training
  92. paranephritis
    inflammation near the kidney
  93. paraosteoarthropathy
    disease near the bone and joint
  94. paraplegia
    paralysis in the lower body
  95. parasympathetic
    nerves that return the body to normal following stress
  96. paroxysmal
    pertaining to the sudden onset of an attack, symptoms, or emotion
  97. pharmacist
    specialist in drug therapy and dispensing drugs
  98. pharmacology
    study of drug therapy
  99. phlebectasia
    dilation of a vein
  100. phlebectomy
    excision of a vein
  101. phlebography
    process of taking an x-ray of a vein
  102. phlebopexy
    fixation of a prolapsed vein
  103. phleboplasty
    surgical repair of a vein
  104. phleborrhexis
    rupture of a vein
  105. phlebosclerosis
    hardening of a vein
  106. phlebotomy
  107. psychiatrist
    physician specialist in treatment of mental disorders
  108. psychoanalysis
    analysis of mental and emotional state for treatment
  109. psychology
    study of the mind and mental processes
  110. psychomotor
    mental processes that control movement
  111. psychosexual
    mental processes related to sexuality
  112. psychotherapy
    therapy for mental disorders
  113. psychotropic
    agent that affects mental processes
  114. thrombectomy
    excision of a clot
  115. thromboangiitis
    blood clot in a vessel causing inflammation
  116. thrombocyte
    blood clotting cell
  117. thrombocytopenia
    lack of platelets
  118. thrombogenic
    pertaining to producing clots
  119. thromboid
    resembling a clot
  120. thrombolymphangitis
    inflammation of a lymph vessel caused by a clot
  121. thrombolysis
    clot destruction
  122. thrombophlebitis
    inflammation of a vein caused by a clot
  123. thrombosis
    condition of forming clots
  124. venipuncture
    incision into a vein with a needle to remove a venous blood sample
  125. venous
    pertaining to veins
  126. American Association of Nurse Anesthetists
  127. American Association of Rehabilitation Therapy
  128. American Congress of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  129. activities of daily living
  130. arterial occlusive disease
  131. autonomic nervous system
  132. American Physical Therapy Association
  133. arteriosclerosis
  134. arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease
  135. arteriosclerotic heart disease
  136. cervical spinal nerve pairs
  137. coronary artery bypass graft
  138. coronary artery disease
  139. central nervous system
  140. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist
  141. cesarean section
  142. electromyogram
  143. headache, hearing aid
  144. hematocrit
  145. high-density lipoproteins
  146. hemoglobin
  147. intravenous
  148. lumbar spinal nerve pairs
  149. muscular dystrophy, medical doctor
  150. muscle function test
  151. myocardial infarction
  152. multiple sclerosis, morphine sulfate
  153. neurological vital signs
  154. obsessive-compulsive disorder
  155. paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea, nostnasal drip
  156. peripheral nervous system
  157. prothrombin time
    pro time, pt
  158. physical therapy
  159. Registered Pharmacist
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