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  1. to succeed in finishing something or reaching an aim, especially after a lot of work or effort
    • achieve (verb)
    • - erreichen, leisten
  2. something very good and difficult that you have succeeded in doing
    • achievement (noun)
    • - Leistung, Erfolg
  3. describes a task/goal that is possible to reach
    • achievable (adj.)
    • - erreichbar
  4. to get or gain by one's own efforts or actions; get possession of sth
    • acquire (verb)
    • - errarbeiten, erwerben
  5. the management of governmental or institutional affairs
    administration (noun)
  6. to give out, dispense, apply
    • administer (verb)
    • - austeilen, verabreichen
  7. To have an influence on or effect a change in.
    • affect (verb)
    • - beeinflussen, (beeinträchtigen)
  8. Feeling or emotion, especially as manifested by facial expression or body language.
    • affect (noun)
    • - Affekt (psych)
  9. suitable or right for a particular situation or occasion
    • appropriate (adjective)
    • - geeignet, angebracht
  10. to take something for your own use, usually without permission
    • appropriate (verb)
    • - unbefugt aneignen, hinterziehen
  11. one part of a situation, problem, subject, etc
    • aspect (noun) (feature)
    • - Ansicht (Blickpunkt)
  12. the appearance or visual effect of a place, or the expression on a person's face
    • aspect (noun)
    • - Aussehen
  13. to help
    assist (verb)
  14. The help
    assistance (noun)
  15. to put people or things into groups with the same features
    categorise (verb)
  16. a type, or a group of things having some features that are the same
    category (noun)
  17. The act of granting certain powers or the authority to carry out a particular task or duty
    • commission (verb)
    • - in Auftrag geben, beauftragen
  18. 1. a group of people officially appointed to perform specified duties
    • commission (noun)
    • - Komitee
  19. 2. an administrative agency of the government with quasi-judicial and quasi-legislative powers
    • commission (noun)
    • - Kommission
  20. 3. a type of municipal governing body
    commission (noun)
  21. the people living in one particular area or people who are considered as a unit because of their common interests, background or nationality
    community (noun)
  22. difficult to understand or find an answer to because of having many different parts
    complex (adjective)
  23. a large building with various connected rooms or a related group of buildings
    complex (noun)
  24. To calculate an answer or amount by using a machine
    • compute (verb)
    • - rechnen
  25. To end a speech, meeting or piece of writing
    • conclude (verb)
    • - beenden, abschliessen
  26. putting an end to doubt or question
    • conclusive (adjective)
    • - beweiskräftig, überzeugend, endgültig
  27. to organize and perform a particular activity
    • conduct (verb)
    • - durchführen, ausführen, leiten
  28. to direct the performance of musicians or a piece of music
    • conduct (verb)
    • - führen, leiten
    • (direct = synonym)
  29. to behave in a particular way, especially in a public or a formal situation, or to organize the way in which you live in a particular way.
    • conduct (verb)
    • - verhalten (to conduct oneself)
  30. happening as a result of something
    • consequent (adjective)
    • - folgend
  31. an  idea  or  an  imaginary  situation
    construct (noun)
  32. a  building
    construction (noun)
  33. the  way  in  which  the  words  in  a  sentence  or  phrase  are  arranged
    • construction (noun)
    • - Aufbau
  34. to  use  fuel,  energy  or  time,  especially  in  large  amounts.     Also:  to  eat  or  drink,  especially  a  lot  of  something
    • consume  (verb)
    • - aufbrauchen, konsumieren, verbrauchen
  35. a  person  who  buys  goods  or  services  for  their  own  use
    consumer  (noun)
  36. describes  an  emotion  that  is  very  strong
    consuming  (adjective)
  37. a  method  of  paying  for  goods  or  services  at  a  later  time
    credit  (noun)
  38. money  in  your  bank  account
    • credit  (noun)
    • - Guthaben
  39. ascribe  an  achievement  to someone
    • credited  (participle)
    • - jmd. etwas gutschreiben
  40. The  totality  of  socially  transmitted  behavior  patterns,  arts,  beliefs,  institutions,  and   all  other  products  of  human  work  and  thought
    culture (noun)
  41. Educated,  polished,  and  refined;  cultivated Produced  under  artificial  conditions
    • cultured  (adj)
    • - kultiviert, gebildet, gezüchtet
  42. to make or draw plans for something, for example clothes or buildings
    • design (verb)
    • - planen, entwerfen
  43. To intend
    • design (verb)
    • - konzipieren, gestalten
  44. clearly separate and different (from something else)
    • distinct (adjective)
    • - unterschieden, eigen, individuell
  45. clearly noticeable; that certainly exists
    • distinct (adjective)
    • - klar, deutlich, ausgeprägt, eindeutig
  46. A component part of a complex whole (material or immaterial)
    element (noun)
  47. A simple substance which cannot be reduced to smaller chemical parts or the 4 elements in antic
    element (noun)
  48. to consider one thing to be the same as or equal to another thing
    • equate (verb)
    • - gleichstellen
  49. The act of taking something as equal
    • equation (noun)
    • - Gleichsetzung, Ausgleich
  50. A mathematical statement
    • equation (noun)
    • - Gleichung
  51. to judge or calculate the quality, importance, amount or value of something
    evaluate (verb)
  52. clearly revealed to the mind or the senses or judgment
    • evident (adj)
    • - offensichtlich, klar
  53. something that tends to prove; ground for belief
    • evidence (noun)
    • - Beweis, Indiz
  54. a typical quality or an important part of something
    • feature (QUALITY) (noun)
    • - Eigenschaft
  55. to include someone or something as an important part
    • feature (verb)
    • - darbieten
    • - jmdn. in einer Hauptrolle haben
  56. to put in final or finished form, to give final approval to
    • to finalize (verb)
    • - abschliessen
  57. not to be altered or undone; of or relating to a concluding court action or proceeding; coming at the end: being the last in a series, process, or progress; of or relating to the ultimate purpose or result of a process
    final (adjective)
  58. eventually, at last, in the end, ultimately; in the end, lastly; in conclusion, to sum up
    • finally (adverb)
    • - schliesslich, letztlich, endlich
  59. a center of activity, attraction, or attention; a point of concentration; directed attention; a point of convergence of a beam of particles (as electrons) or rays
    focus (noun)
  60. the force or action of one object hitting another
    • impact (noun)
    • - Auswirkung, Aufprall
  61. to have an influence on something
    • impact (verb)
    • - beeinflussen, aufprallen
  62. to cause physical or mental harm, to hurt, to wound; to cause damage, to impair
    • injure (verb)
    • - verletzen, beschädigen, verwunden
  63. hurt, wounded, damaged, offended
    • injured (adjective)
    • - verletzt, verwundet
  64. to set up or lay the groundwork for; establish, found, plant, constitute, initiate, pioneer - take the lead or initiative in; participate in the development of; fix - set or place definitely; appoint, constitute, name, nominate - create and charge with a task or function;
    • institute (verb)
    • - einführen, einleiten, einrichten, gründen
  65. an association organized to promote art or science or education; association - a formal organization of people or groups of people;
    • institute (noun)
    • - Anstalt, Einrichtung
  66. 1. To commit (money or capital) in order to gain a financial return.
    • invest (verb)
    • - anlegen
  67. 2. a. To spend or devote for future advantage or benefit.
    invest (verb)
  68. 2. b. To devote (widmen) morally or psychologically, as to a purpose; commit.
    • invest (verb)
    • - jemandem etwas verleihen, schmücken
  69. 3. To endow (ausstatten) with authority or power.
    • invest (verb)
    • - jmdm. einen Titel verleihen
  70. 4. To install in office with ceremony: invest a new emperor (Kaiser)
    • invest (verb)
    • - jmdm. einen Titel verleihen
  71. a separate article or particular.
    item (noun)
  72. To place or include on a list of items.
    • itemize (verb)
    • - detallieren, aufführen, einzeln angeben
  73. NOT CHANGE to make a situation or activity continue in the same way
    • maintain (verb) 
    • - beibehalten
  74. to keep a building or area in good condition
    • maintain (verb) 
    • - aufrechterhalten
  75. SPEAK TRUTH FORMAL to say that you are certain something is true
    • maintain (verb) 
    • - behaupten
  76. usual, ordinary, and expected
    normal (adjective)
  77. To come into the possession of; to procure; to get, acquire, or secure.
    • obtain (verb)
    • - beziehen, erhalten, beschaffen, besorgen
  78. To take part; to have a part or share with a person, in a thing; to share.
    • participate (verb)
    • - mitmachen, teilnehmen
  79. to see something or someone, or to become aware of something that is obvious
    • perceive (verb)
    • - bremerken, erkennen, wahrnehmen
  80. to come to an opinion about something, or have a belief about something
    • perceive (verb)
    • - auffassen, verstehen
  81. certain and without any doubt
    positive (adj.)
  82. hopeful and confident, in a good way
    positive (adj.)
  83. above zero
    positive (adj.)
  84. the possibility of sth happening or being developed or used
    potential (noun)
  85. noun?? that can develop into sth or be developed in the future, synonym: possible
    • potential (adjective)
    • - eventuell, möglich
  86. happening or existing before the event or object that you are talking about
    • previous (adjective)
    • - vorangehend, bisherig, früher
  87. chiefly, for the most part
    • primarily (adverb)
    • - in erster Linie, vor allem
  88. more important than anything else
    primary (adjective)
  89. to buy something.
    • purchase (verb)
    • - erwerben, kaufen
  90. somthing that you buy, the process of buying something.
    purchase (noun)
  91. its definite a space. It can be physical, mathematical, technical and so on. It can also be a distance.
    • range (noun)
    • - Reichweite, Bereich
  92. A (landscape) area. It can be defined as geographical, political or as an approximation.
    region (noun)
  93. to control something, especially by making it work in a particular way
    regulate (verb)
  94. usual; ordered by the rules
    regulation (adjective)
  95. an official rule or the act of controlling
    regulation (noun)
  96. connected with what is happening or being discussed
    relevant (adjective)
  97. to live, have your home or stay in a place
    • reside (verb)
    • - sich befinden, anwesend sein
  98. a home
    residence (noun)
  99. to provide an organization or department with money or equipment
    • resource (verb)
    • - professionell ausstatten
  100. A useful or valuable possession or quality of a country, organization or person
    resource (noun)
  101. to limit the movements or actions of someone, or to limit something and reduce its size or prevent it from increasing
    • restrict (verb)
    • - einschränken
  102. having no doubt; free from danger; free from risk of loss; trustworthy; assured
    • secure (adjective)
    • - sicher, geborgen, geschützt
  103. to guarantee sth., to lock sth., to assure sth., to fix sth.
    • secure (verb)
    • - sichern, sicherstellen
  104. the state of being free from danger or injury ; a guarantee that an obligation will be met
    security (noun)
  105. to search, to look for sth., to desire, to ask
    • seek (verb)
    • - suchen
  106. To choose sth., to elect somebody, to pick sth., to opt for sth.
    select (verb)
  107. Something special, exclusive, special
    select (adj.)
  108. An area of found on which a town, building, or monument is constructed
    • site (noun)
    • - Grundstück, Anlage, Standort
  109. a plan designed to achieve a particular long-term aim in business, sports, politics, etc.
    strategy (noun)
  110. the art of planning and directing military activity in a war or battle
    strategy (noun)
  111. to have the oversight of, supervise; to examine and ascertain the condition, situation, or value of an estate, a building or structure, accounts, or the like
    • survey (verb)
    • - überprüfen, untersuchen, begutachten
  112. A detailed study or inspection, as a by gathering information by observation, questionnaires, etc. and analyzing it.
    • survey (noun)
    • - Gutachten, Umfrage, Studie, Prüfung
  113. body, issue, document, line, schoolbook, referencebook, handbook.
    the actual or original words used by an author, as distinguished from notes,
    commentary, paraphrase, translation, etc.
    the exact or original words of a speaker
    text (noun)
  114. write a text or a SMS to somebody
    to text somebody (verb)
  115. a belief, custom or way of doing sth that has existed for a long time amount a particular group of people
    tradition (noun)
  116. following older methods or different ones, synonym: conventional
    traditional (adjective)
  117. to move someone or something from one place, vehicle, person or group to another
    transfer (verb)
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