SAT Vocab Set #1

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  1. Abstract
    theoretical; not concrete
  2. Abstruse
    difficult to understand
  3. Acclaim
    praise; applaud
  4. Accolade
    an award, or praise
  5. Acquiescent
    reluctantly agreeable; compliant
  6. Acrimony
    words or behavior filled with harshness or anger
  7. Adamant
    refusing to change; stubborn, unyielding
  8. Adroit
    skillful in physical activity, or in handling difficult situations
  9. Advocate
    support; plead for; speak on behalf of
  10. Affable
    friendly; easygoing
  11. Affirmation
    positive statement; assertion; agreement
  12. Alienate
    to push someone away, or cause him to separate from people
  13. Aloof
    detached; apart; indifferent
  14. Altruistic
    unselfish; caring
  15. Ambidextrous
    able to use both hands with equal skill
  16. Ambiguous
    unclear; vague; having several possible interpretations
  17. Ambivalence
    indecision; feeling of being pulled in two directions
  18. Ameliorate
    to make an unpleasant situation better; to improve
  19. Amity
  20. Amorphous
    without form or shape
  21. Analogous
  22. Anarchy
    a lack of order; chaos
  23. Anathema
    a religious curse, or the thing or person being cursed
  24. Antagonistic
    in hostile competition; opposing
  25. Antiquated
    too old to be useful; outdated; obsolete
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