SAT Vocab Set #7

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  1. Endorse
    promote; recommend
  2. Enervate
    sap the strength; weakend
  3. Enhance
    intensify; improve
  4. Enigma
    mystery; puzzle
  5. Enmity
    mutual hatred
  6. Ephemeral
    temporary; short-lived
  7. Eradicate
    remove completely and permanently; exterminate
  8. Erratic
    unpredictable; differing from what is normal or expected
  9. Erudition
    the knowledge acquired through many years of study
  10. Esoteric
    known to, or understood by, a limited group of people
  11. Ethereal
    heavenly; fine; delicately beautiful
  12. Eulogize
    to praise highly; to extol
  13. Euphemism
    a word or phrase that's used to make an unpleasant idea sound better
  14. Evasive
    tending to avoid giving direct answers
  15. Exacerbate
    to make a bad situation worse
  16. Exalt
    raise in rank; elevate; priase
  17. Expunge
  18. Expurgate
    to remove offensive words, ideas, or symbols; censor
  19. Extemporaneous
    done without planning; improvised
  20. Extol
  21. Extraneous
    unnecessary; irrelevant
  22. Extricate
    to free from a trap or difficult situation; to disentangle
  23. Exuberant
    uncontrollably joyous
  24. Fallacious
    flase; misleading
  25. Fastidious
    difficult to please
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SAT Vocab Set #7
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