Med 150 Ch.5 Hematology

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  1. What are the seven elements?
    • Granulocytes: neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils.
    • Agranulocytes: monocytes, lymphocytes
  2. Myeloblasts turn into what?
    Myelocytes; stem cells that develope into granulocytes.
  3. What color are the three granulocytes?
    • Neutro-lav/pink (bacteria, most numerous)
    • eosin- red (allergic reaction/parasites, large granules)
    • baso- dark blue (rarest, inflammatory response, large granules)
  4. Agranulocytes are what color?
    gray and skyblue cytoplasm
  5. Monocytes
    can leave the bloodstream. Then called macrophages. They are the largest WBC and increase in the recovery stage.
  6. Lymphocytes
    • differ into T cells and B cells.
    • T cells- develop immune responses
    • B cells- form antiBodies
  7. Platelets are formed from what?
    Megakaryoblasts then megakaryocytes release fragments of its cytoplasm which make thrombocytes or platelets
  8. What is the name of the stain used for a smear?
    Wright's stain which changes the pH
  9. What does anisocytosis describe?
  10. poikilocytosis
  11. polychromia, hypochromia
  12. What is hemostasis
    the ability to stop bleeding or to clot
  13. How does a clot form?
    the vessels constrict, the platelets concentrate, initiating a clot of fibrin mesh.
  14. What does heparin do?
    Heparin is made by the body to keep the clotting mechanism in balance.
  15. What is INR?
    International Normalized Ratio
  16. What is normal protime?
    9-18 seconds or 2-2.5 INR
  17. Neutrophils range
  18. Eosinophils range
  19. Basophils range
  20. Monocytes Range
  21. Lymphocytes range
  22. Band Neutrophils range
  23. What is the most common hematology test ordered?
  24. What consist of a CBC?
    Hgb, HCT, RBC, WBC, platelets, diff, RBC indices
  25. Hgb is measured in ?
  26. Hgb is measured by ?
    by hemolyzing RBC's and measuring the released Hgb
  27. Normal Hgb are ?
    • Men- 13-18 g/dL
    • Women 11-16 g/dL
    • Children 10-14 g/dL
    • Newborns 16-23 g/dL
  28. Hematocrit measures what?
    measures the % of packed RBC's
  29. HCT's are approx how much of Hgb?
    • 3x
    • Hgb x 3 +- 2
  30. A pt with abnormally high HCT levels is called what?
  31. When doing the HCT the two samples must be within ?
    2% and averaged
  32. In HCT take note of the color of the plasma....?
    • Red- hemolysis
    • White- lipemia
    • Dark yellow-brown- jaundice
  33. A ESR measures what?
    the rate the RBC's settle out of anticoagulated blood within 60 min.
  34. Normal ESR's are:
    • Men<50 0-15 mm/hr
    •       >50 0-20 mm/ hr
    • Women<50 0-20 mm/hr
    •            >50 0-30 mm/hr
  35. ESR screen for what?
    inflammatory responses, autoimmune diseases, carcinomas, and some leukemias.
  36. Hgb and HCT test for..
  37. ESR is tested with what..
    Sediplast system
  38. HCT is tested with..
  39. Hgb is tested with..
  40. Prothrombin is measured with..
  41. MCHC stands for..
    Mean cell Hgb concentration
  42. MCV stands for..
    Mean cell volume
  43. MCH stands for..
    mean cell Hgb
  44. Platelets are counted in what?
    hundreds of thousands
  45. WBC's are counted in what?
  46. Diff's are counted in..
  47. Normal WBC is..
    4.8-10.8 thousands
  48. Normal RBC is..
    Men 4.7-6.1 million
  49. Normal MCV is..
    • Men 80-94 fl
    • Women 81-99 fl
  50. Normal MCH is..
    27-31 pg
  51. Normal MCHC is..
    32-36 g/dL
  52. Normal Platelet is..
  53. Factors in coagulation are produced by what?
    the liver
  54. Describe clot formation..
    platelets adhere and signal factors which aggregate and fibrin bands together.
  55. Coumadin is an inhibitor of ..
    vitamin K
  56. To test for hemostasis we use a what color top?
    lt. blue
  57. PT checks ____ and PTT checks ___
    extrinsic and intrinsic
  58. RBC's are how big?
    6-8 microns
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