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  1. Insertion of NG tube
    • perform hand hygeine
    • ID patient under 2 domains and explain the procedure to the patient
    • position in high fowlers
    • get tape together to secure the tube
    • measure from tip of ear to nose to xiphoid process (mark with tape)
    • lubricate distal end of tube
    • apply clean gloves
    • assess gag reflex with tongue blade on uvula
    • instruct patient to take sips of water (IF they are not NPO and have a gag relex) and touch chin to chest.
    • anchor tentatively
    • assess tube placement by aspirating contents and testing pH.
    • anchor the tube
    • Mark tube below the nares
    • keep head of bed above 30 degrees
  2. Irrigation of NG tube
    • check for placement by aspirating gastric contents and testing on pH paper.
    • Irrigate tube with 30mL of normal saline
    • reconnect tube to suction
    • with a sump tube instill 10-20mL of air into the vent lumen. (blue tube of the main)
  3. Removal of NG tube
    • flush NG tube with 20mL of air and pull out end over end.
    • Dispose of equipment properly (Biohazard)
  4. Bolus tube feeding
    • verbalize position and tube placement verification
    • check residual volume by aspirating gastric content.
    • return fluid volume if indicated.
    • pinch tubing and attach syringe to nasogastric tube.
    • flush with 30mL of water.
    • Fill syringe with formula and hod at correct height allowing formula to infuse slowly
    • flush with 30mL of water
    • clamp end of tube
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