GCSE chemistry 3

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  1. all group 0 elements are
    Very unreactive and monatomic because they have full outer shells of electrons and so have no tendency to gain , loose or share electrons
  2. Monatomic means
    That the Atoms exist as single atoms
  3. All grout 1 elements are
    Very reactive because they all have one electron in their outer energy level so all readily give one electron away so that they can have an electronic structure like those of group 0
  4. all group 7 elements are
    Very reactive because they all have 7 electrons in their outer shell so desperately want to gain 1 electron (by taking or sharing)
  5. The periodic table can therefor also be thought of as an arrangement of all the elements in terms of their
    electronic structure . As you go from left to right across the rows (periods) in the periodic table you are filling a particular energy level (shell) with electrons
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