Anatomy of a Sheep Brain

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  1. Dura Mater
    The outermost membrane, very tough, white.
  2. Arachnoid
    underneath the dura mater, resembles a spider's web.
  3. Cerebral Hemispheres
    The cerebrum is divided into a left and right hemisphere by the longitudinal fissure.
  4. Longitudinal Fissure
  5. Gyri
    The raised portion of the wrinkles on the brain
  6. Sulci
    Shallow indentations between the gyri, indented part of the wrinkles
  7. Transverse Fissure
  8. Cerebellum
  9. Spinal Cord
  10. Superior Colliculi
  11. Inferior Colliculi
  12. Pineal Gland
  13. Olfactory bulbs
  14. Olfactory Tracts
  15. Optic Nerves
  16. Optic Chiasm
  17. Optic Tracts
  18. Pituitary Gland
  19. Infundibulum
  20. Mamillary Body
  21. Cerebral Peduncles
  22. Oculomotor Nerves
  23. Pons
  24. Trigeminal Nerves
  25. Medulla Oblongata
  26. Abducens Nerves
  27. Corpus Callosum
  28. Lateral Ventricle
  29. Septum Pellucidum
  30. Fornix
  31. Third Ventricle
  32. Thalamus
  33. Hypothalamus
  34. Cerebral Aqueduct of midbrain
  35. Fourth Ventricle
  36. Arbor Vitae of the Cerebellum
  37. Central Canal of the Spinal Cord
    Canal in the Spinal Cord

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Anatomy of a Sheep Brain
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The major anatomical features of a sheep brain.
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