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  1. A type of mathematics in which letters and symbols are used to represent quantities

    High school students must take algebra.
  2. Strange and frightening, different from what you are used to (unfamiliar)
    Alien (adj)

    Rabbits are really alien creatures in Australia

    In a world that had suddenly become alien and dangerous, he was her only security

    The idea is alien to our religion

    Cruelty was quite alien to him
  3. To make sb less friendly or sympathetic towards you. To make sb feel that they do not belong in a particular group (estrange = distanciar)

    The comedian alienated his audience by making mean jokes that weren´t funny

    His comments have alienated a lot of young voters

    Very talented children may feel alienated from the others in their class

    The new policy resulted in the alienation of many voters

    Many immigrants suffer from a sense of alienation
  4. A story, play, picture, etc. in which each character or event is a symbol representing an idea or a quality, such as truth, evil, death, etc
    Allegory (fable)

    • A political allegory
    • The poet`s use of allegory
    • An allegorical figure/novel
  5. An agreement between countries, political parties, etc. to work together in order to archieve sth that they all want (Association)

    The two countries formed an alliance to protect themselves against enemies
  6. To give sth officially to sb/sth for a particular purpose (Assign, distribute)

    • The government allocated funds to aid flood victims
    • A large sum has been allocated for buying new books for the library
    • They intend to allocate more places to mature students this year
    • More resources are being allocated to the project; The project is being allocated more resources.
  7. The fact of caring about the needs and happiness of other people more than your own

    Politicians are not necessarily motivated by pure altruism
  8. Image Upload
  9. A former male student of a school, college or university
    Alumnus (pl. alumni)

    The alumnus gave a speech to the faculty
  10. A former woman student of a school, college or university
    Alumna (pl. alumnae)

    The alumnus gave a speech to the faculty
  11. Doing somethingfor enjoyment or interest, not as a job (nonprofessional)
    Amateur (adj)

    The band was made up of amateur musicians

    An amateur photographer
  12. That can be understood in more than one way; having different meanings (vague, equivocal)
    Ambiguous (opp. unambiguous)

    Poor grammar can lead to ambiguous sentences
  13. Determined to be successful, rich, powerful, etc. (aspiring, enterprising)
    Ambitious (opp. unambitious)

    The ambitious lawyer worked 18 hours everyday

    They were very ambitious for their children (= they wanted them to be successful)

    • Jogging every morning? That´s very ambitious, isn´t it?
  14. The quality of being attractive and exciting (attract, fascinate, captivate, tempt)

    The allure of money makes some people greedy

    The allure of the big city
  15. As verb: To give your support to another group or country (alliance, league, align, affiliate)

    As noun: A country that has agreed to help and support another country, especially in case of war(or a person who helps and supports sb who is in a difficult situation, especially a politician)
    Ally (verb)

    Tom found an ally in Bill, who backed him on all issues.

    Russia allied itself with the United States during World War 2

    The prince allied himself with the Scots

    Ally (noun)

    a close ally and friend of the prime minister

    his sister was his ally against their grandparents

    our European allies
  16. Without any other people

    I was lonely because I was all alone

    It`s hard bringing up children alone

    used after a noun or pronoun to show that the person or thing mentioned is the only one or to emphasize one particular thing

    You can´t blame anyone else; you alone made the decision

    The shoes alone cost $200
  17. To become different; to make sb/sth different (change, vary)

    Dad altered his old pants because they didn´t fit any more

    Prices did not alter significantly during 2007

    He had altered so much I scarcely recognized him

    • It doesn`t alter the way I feel
    • Nothing can alter the fact that we are to blame

    We can have the dress altered to fit you
  18. As noun: A person who does a job for sb who is away (substitute, switch, rotate)

    As verb: To make things or people follow one after the other in a repeated pattern (A and B // A with B) To keep changing from one thing to another and back again (between A and B)

    Substitute teachers are alternates for regulator teachers

    The cook alternates between meatless days and days on which meat is served

    John has to work on alternate Sundays

    The ferry service will initially run on alternate days, increasing eventually to daily saillings

    Day alternates with night.

    My sister and I alternated in doing the dishes.

    Alternating between walking and jogging can help you burn more calories than straight jogging

    Her music alternates moments of sudden quiet with moments of dramatic intensity.
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