History 102 (Test 3)

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  1. Henry George
    • -Believed in "single tax" (tax on land according to it's worth)
    • -Defeated but encouraged labor parties
    • -A popular economist and land reformer
  2. Panic of 1893
    • -biggest financial fiasco in history up to that time
    • -began in Europe
    • -Americans saw what was happening and panicked
    • -Americans pulled their money from railroads
  3. Depression (1893-1897)
    • -Unemployment rate raised higher that it was before, approx. 20% (1/5 unemployed)
    • -International panic
    • -farmers brought us out by growing crops and supplying crops to
    • 1.) North East India (Big Monsoon, England brought food where there was a surplus in America)
    • 2.)Southern South America (terrible drought, horrible insect infestation)
    • *Taken through ports, shipping and everyone made money along the way
  4. Homestead Strike
    • -Company of Andrew Carnegie
    • -He tells 2nd in Command to lower wages
    • -Workers had a strike and became violent
    • -National Guard was called in
    • -Gov. forced to call but he didn't want to do it
    • -Strike failed
    • -Discouraged because they were put down by Govt
  5. Pullman Strike (1893)
    • -Biggest railroad strike
    • -Town for workers that Pullman had a factory in (very controlled, had to go to church, schools regulated)
    • -Manufactured sleeper cars
    • -Workers well taken care of
    • -Lowered wages due to the depression
    • -Federal troops called out
    • -Devastated workers
    • -National and International coverage
    • -Workers began to realize the power of big businesses were impossible to break
  6. Eugene V. Debs (A.R.U)
    • -Railroad workers went on sympathy strike
    • -Reason why Fed. troops were called in
    • -Tampered with delivery of mail
    • -Powerful orator and head of the most powerful railroad union
    • -Put in jail for 6 months (no charges)
    • -Decided to go into socialism
    • -*Idea of everyone giving according to their need and give according to their ability (FAIL) (Wanted everyone to share their wealth)
    • -Formed socialist party U.S.A.
    • -1904 had over 400K votes-1920 had over 900K votes
  7. Free Silver
    • -Unlimited coinage of silver to help with economy
    • -Farmers had to by time and had high interest rates
    • -Wanted more silver to lower interest rates
    • -Misconception that free silver would flood the markets and lower the value of silver
    • -Income tax made by Carl Marx (brackets by income tax, higher percentage if you make more)
  8. Populism
    • -Populist party
    • -Wanted the poorer, rural areas
  9. William McKinley
    • -Rep. who won the candidate for presidency
    • -Won both terms
    • -Strong for solid economy and pushed for gold
    • -Started a tariff bill that was high known as the McKinley tariff
    • -Assassinated early during his second term at a railroad station
  10. William Jennings Bryan
    • -Democrat who lost the vote for presidency
    • -Populist candidate against his wishes
    • -Popular on free silver idea
    • -Great orator (best one in countries history)
    • -Died during the hear
    • -Lost due to his stance on free silver
  11. Jim Crow
    • -name of an attitude in South East regarding segregation
    • -Began with 1 of the states that passed a law that blacks were not allowed to use the same railroad cars as whites
    • -"Separate but Equal" failed
    • -Plessy vs Ferguson locked in the "Separate but equal doctrine
  12. Plessy Vs. Ferguson
    • -Supreme Court Decision of "Separate but Equal"
    • -Overturned by brown vs board of education because equal was not being followed
  13. Disfranchisement
    • -Took away the right to vote from blacks
    • -developed literacy tests
    • -"Qualified voters"
    • -Poll taxes
    • -Grandfather clauses
  14. Hawaii
    • -1st major piece of territory outside of the contiguous 48 states
    • -Queen Liliuokalani (Hawaii's last monarch) was overthrown and imprisoned in her own house
    • -McKinley made Hawaii a territory
    • -Hawaii was annexed in 1900 against the knowledge of the native Hawaiians
    • -Advantages with Cropping in Hawaii
    • 1.)Sugar
    • 2.)location in the Pacific
  15. Spanish American War
    • -Cuba
    • -Results
    • -No longer a Powerful force
    • -Spanish abusing power because they wanted money
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