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  1. What is meant by quality control?
    This is examining and testing goods before they leave the factory to make sure they reach a certain standard
  2. What does the following symbol mean?
    Quality Mark - awarded to Irish companies for quality goods and services
  3. What does the following symbol mean?
    Guaranteed Irish - awarded to high quality goods made in Ireland
  4. What does the following symbol mean?
    Irish Standards Mark - found on a product that has been certified to an Irish standard
  5. What does the following symbol mean?
    European Standards Mark - awarded by the EU to goods that have reached a high standard of safety
  6. What does the following symbol mean?
    BSI Kite Mark - awarded by the British Standards Institution to goods and services
  7. List five characteristics of a good service
    1. Friendly staff

    2. Clean and well laid out premises

    3. Wheelchair access

    4. Little queuing

    5. Clean toilet facilities
  8. List four pieces of information found on product labels
    1. Quality symbol

    2. Name and address of manufacturer

    3. Description of product

    4. Instructions for use
  9. Identify the following safety symbol
    Flame resistant mark - found on furniture that does not burn easily
  10. Identify the following safety symbol
    Doubly insulated mark - found on small electrical appliances
  11. Identify the following warning symbol
    Harmful Irritant - this product will damage the skin and eyes
  12. Identify the following warning symbol
    Highly Flammable - will burst into flames easily
  13. List the functions of packaging
    1. Advertises the product

    2. Makes its easier to store

    3. Protects the product

    4. Preserves food

    5. Gives instructions for use

    6. Carries the barcode
  14. Name two different types of packaging



  15. Describe four characteristics of good packaging
    1. Environmentally friendly

    2. Strong

    3. Light

    4. Easily opened and resealed
  16. List two disadvantages of over packaged goods
    1. Bad for the ennvironment

    2. Uses up natural resources

    3. Causes litter and pollution

    4. Is expensive

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