Ethics chp 8

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  1. Code of Conduct
    formal statement that describes what an organization expects of its employees
  2. Code of Ethics
    formal statement that consists of general statements, sometimes altruistic or inspirational, that serve as principles and the basis for rules of conduct
  3. Compliance orientation
    control system that creates order by requiring that employees identify with and commit to specific required conduct; uses legal terms, statutes, and contracts that teach employees the rules and penalties for noncompliance
  4. Ethics Officers
    individuals responsible for managing their organizations’ ethics and legal compliance programs
  5. Statement of Values
    formal statement that serves the general public and also addresses distinct groups such as stakeholders; conceived by management and fully developed with input from all stakeholders
  6. Values Orientation
    control system that strives to develop shared values; although penalties are attached, focus is more on an abstract core of ideals such as accountability and commitment
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