Pre-licensure Exam

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  1. The pH of the pool water must be maintained at?
  2. A person who manages a rental apartment complex _________ a Community Association Manager's license.
    May, but is not required, to have.
  3. Condo & Coop Associations pay an annual fee of $____ per residential unit per _______, to the DFCTSMH Trust Fund.
  4. Toca Chica Coop, with 35 units, has joined with Levits Office Condo, to form a self insurance pool for windstorm insurance. Levits has 10 office units.
    A windstorm self insurance pool must include 3 or more associations  all of which must be residential, with not less than 50 units.
  5. Bob Jones is the president of Flagler Madelion Condominium. Flagler Madelian has 42 units and a budget of $79,000. The association recently approved budget, effective in one month, for $109,000 per year. Bob has recommended that the board terminate the management company, to which the association pays $1,000.00/month, and hire him instead at $500/month. Bob just completed the CAM pre-licensure course.
    This is lawful only if Bob is licensed as a CAM on or prior to starting his management position.
  6. The Palm Air HOA governing documents permit voting in elections for the Board of Directors by secret ballot, for members who are not in attendance at the annual meeting. In order to do so the member must:
    Place an election ballot in an inner envelope and place the inner envelope in an outer envelope which the member signs.
  7. The purpose of Regulatory Council of Community Association Managers is to:
    Provide licensure exam and continuing education requirements.
  8. Maritza Plaza Condo has appointed John Smith, a volunteer board member, as the community member liaison to its management company.
    A volunteer board member who is not compensated for his duties as a board member need not have a CAM license.
  9. Prospective owners must receive certain info from an HOA when purchasing a new unit, including:
    Community association disclosures
  10. Juan Appel, works for the Ombudsman's office. He recently was elected Chair of the Ozark Republican Party.
    An employee of the ombudsman's office may not serve as an officer in a local state or national, political party.
  11. Components of a collection policy should not include:
    Court Charges for filing of liens
  12. At will means:
    An employee who may be dismissed at any time for any non-discriminatory reasons, with or without cause.
  13. Pest Control operators and companies are governed by:
    F.S. 482
  14. The ombudsman duties include but are not limited to the following:
    Encourage and facilitate voluntary meetings with and between unit owners, board members, managers and other affected parties of condos
  15. Community association management companies must file for company licensure
    Once every two years on October 1st of odd numbered years.
  16. HOAs must:
    File for arbitration with DBPR when owners contest elections or recalls
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