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  1. On which of the following did linnaues base his classification system
    morphology and anatomy
  2. During a study session about evolution....
    Characteristics acquired during an organisms life are gernerally not passed on through genes
  3. natural selection is based on all of the following except
    individuals must adapt to their enviroment
  4. Which statement about natural selection is most correct
    Well adapted individuals leave more offspring, and thus contribute more to the gene pool, than poorly adapted individuals
  5. In hypothetical enviroment...
    female algae eaters may become larger...
  6. Which of the following is the best example of humans undergoing evolution, understood as "descent with modification?"
    Reduction in the amount of coarseness of body hair over millennia
  7. DDT was once considered a "silver bullet" that would...
    All individual insects should have possessed genomes that made them susceptible to DDT
  8. If two modern oraganisms are distantly related in an evolutionary sense...
    They should share fewer homologous structures than .....
  9. Human intestines are held in place by membranes called mesenteries...
    back and knee problems
  10. Over evolutionary time, many cave dwelling organisms have lost their eyes...
    Under particular circumstances that persisted for long periods...
  11. the frequency of the allele a is 0.7
  12. the frequency of allele a is 0.2
  13. Organisms that are homozygous for A die before reaching sexual maturity...
    greater than 0.64
  14. In a hypothetical population of 1000 people
  15. Which is true regarding genetic variation in prokaryotes
    Prokaryotic genomes can experience increased genetic variation...
  16. A trend toward the decrease in the size of plants on the slopes of mountains as altitudes increase is an example of
    a cline
  17. Which of the following is one important evolutionary feature of the diploid condition
    Diploid organisms express less of their genetic variability than haploid organisms
  18. Which of the following statements best summarizes evolution as it is viewd today
    It is the differential survival and reproduction of the most fit phenotypes
  19. If neutral variation is truly...
    relative fitness
  20. Which of the following applies to both angenesis...
  21. There is still some controversy among biologists...
  22. what was the species concept...
  23. You are confronted with a box of preserved grasshoppers
  24. A rapid method of speciation that has been important
  25. Which of the following statements about speciation is correct
    speciation is included within the concept of macroevolution
  26. An explanation for the evolution of insect wings suggests...
  27. the first genetic material was...
    RNA polymer
  28. Which of the factors below weaken the hypothesis of abiotic synthesis of organic monomers
    amino acids
  29. Which of the factors below weaken the hypothesis of abiotic synthesis of organic monomers
    1 and 3
  30. Although absolute distinctions between the "most evolved"...
    Possess a selectively permeable membrane boundary
  31. Which of the following statements about the origin of genetic material...
    Self replicating, catalytic RNA molecules
  32. RNA molecules can both be self-replicating and catalytic
    RNA was the first hereditary info
  33. What probably accounts for the switch to DNA based genetic systems...
    DNA is chemically more stable and replicats with fewer errors...
  34. If the half life of carbon 14...
  35. What was the consquence of the release of oxygen gas...
    made earth an oxidizing enviroment
  36. Which of the following statements provides the strongest evidence...
    the oldest fossilized cells resemble prokaryotes
  37. Which of the following is the correct sequence of events...
  38. Which putative early Earth condition did Miller and Urey's...
    intense UV bombardment
  39. In what way were conditions on earth more than 2 billion years ago diff
    the early earth was intensely bombarded by large space debris
  40. They synthesis of new DNA requires the prior existence of oligonucleotide to serve as primers...
    an RNA world
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