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  1. what determines the radio transmissions frequency
    carrier wave
  2. what modulation type divides a sine wave into four phases
  3. a communication mode in which both pieces of equpment can transmit and recive but only one at a time
    Half Duplex
  4. What two numbers can be found on a mobile device that identifies the subscriber and the equipment?
  5. the AUC uses what for authentication and encryption of calls?
    RAND, SRES, Kc
  6. Absolute Radio Requency Channel Numbers are made up of an uplink and downlink and offset by what?
  7. what is true when jamming a digital signal versus an analog signal?
    IT takes less pwer
  8. How can you effectively jam a digital frequency agile signal
    Partial band jammer
  9. What are the primary components of a Radar
    Receiver, Transmitter, Antenna, Duplexer, Display
  10. What type of guidance system needs to have continuous flight and targeting data updates?
    Command Guidance
  11. What type of guidance system has its own onboard radar system and is often referred to as fire and forget?
    Active Guidance
  12. What factor determines the range resolution of a a radar system?
    Pulse width or PUlse Duration
  13. What is an advantage of spot jamming over barrage jamming?
    More power dedicated to the target
  14. Chaff, a decoy that is cheap and efficient, is most effective when?
    it is cut to half the wavelength of the victims fequency
  15. Jaming is classifed 4 ways?
    signal, jammer reciever, jaming geometry, the way it protects
  16. GSM falls under which radio spectrum
  17. Jaming a digital signal what is the basic approach
    Create bit errors
  18. OHMS Law
    • P=watts
    • I=amps
    • E=volts
    • R=ohms
  19. 2 forms of energy
    kinetic, protential
  20. 3 parts of a atom
    protons, electrons, neutrons
  21. 3 layers of the eath athosphere
    troposhere, stratoshere, ionosphere
  22. the em or radiation field is made up of what
    • electric field
    • magnetic field
  23. forming a radio wave
    AC- alternating current
  24. Speed of Light
    186,000 miles per sec
  25. Primary conponents of radar system
    transmitter, duplexer, reciever, antenna, display
  26. a atom that contains more electrons than normal
    negative ion
  27. ways to create voltage
    heat and magnetic
  28. electric potential is measured with
  29. type of antenna good for communication jaming
    log periodic
  30. How many family radio service
  31. reflection?
    em waves bounce off a object
  32. refraction
    em waves bends/enters different medium
  33. diffraction?
    em waves curves around a object
  34. Cell towers in the US
    824-849mhz, 869-894mhz,1850-1990mhz
  35. cell site antennas attached to platforms
  36. High Frequncy
    Short wave lenght
  37. Low Frequency
    Long wave length
  38. 3 Modes of communication
     Simplex, Half- Duplex, Full-duplex
  39. Cheap antenna/ operates 12-50 mhz
    Yagi antenna
  40. Antenna provides directional cability/ Exclent jamming
    Log Periodic Antenna
  41. Antenna indepenance/ circolarly polarized radiation
    Helix antenna
  42. Most popular omni Antenna
  43. 4 percise measurements can radar provide
    range, bearing, height, speed
  44. 3 modes of communication
    simplex, haf duplex, and full duplex
  45. 3 types of cellular access utilized by gsm network
  46. Long Range Cordless Phone conponents
    Handset, and handset base
  47. what part of GSM network controlls call handoffs
    spot beams
  48. what is a freq
    # of cycles per sec measured in hertz
  49. what is a wavelength
    physical distance between peaks in a wave
  50. 2 primary types of radar
    pulsed and continuous wave
  51. radars energy focused
  52. 4 common missle guidance
    • command guidance
    • semi active guidance
    • active guidance
    • passive guidance
  53. a scan where pencil beam energy rotated
    conical scan
  54. 2 types of radar electronic attack
  55. 2 types of primary employment for both noise and deception  jamming techniques
    support jamming/ self protection jamming
  56. decoys do 3 primary mission
    • saturate
    • coerce the enemy to show his forces
    • defeat enemy tracking system
  57. purpose of decoy
    replicate similar or better than actual target
  58. radar mile?
    12.4 micro sec
  59. 4 primary gsm bands
  60. 3 primary satellite communication provider
    • thyraya
    • inmarsat
    • iridium
  61. how many dec. to jam
  62. mater consit of
    gas, solid, liquid, plasma
  63. Barrage jaming
    less power to target but more covarage
  64. 462-467 mhz
    family radio service
  65. what service covers the world
  66. ionosphere?
    • 2 layers at night
    • 4 layers during day
  67. 3 layers of the earths atmospher
    thoposhere, stratospere, ionosphere
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