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  1. pecuniary
    ADJ. /钱的,货币的/pertaining to money. Seldom earning enough to cover their expenses, folk dance teachers work because they love dancing, not because they expect any pecuniary reward.
  2. pedagogy
    N. /教育学/teaching; art of education. Though Maria Montessori gained fame for her innovations in pedagogy, it took years before her teaching techniques were common practice in American schools.
  3. pedant
    N. /学究式人物/scholar who overemphasizes book learning or technicalities. Her insistence that the book be memorized marked the teacher as a pedant rather than a scholar.
  4. pedantic
    ADJ. /书生气的/showing off learning; bookish. Leavening his decisions with humorous, down-to-earth anecdotes, Judge Walker was not at all the pedantic legal scholar. pedant, pedantry, N.
  5. pedestrian
    ADJ. /没有想象力的,普通的/ordinary; unimaginative. Unintentionally boring, he wrote page after page of pedestrian prose.
  6. pediatrician
    N. /儿科专家/expert in children's diseases. The family doctor advised the parents to consult a pediatrician about their child's ailment.
  7. peerless
    ADJ. /不可比较的,不相衡的,无可匹敌的/having no equal; incomparable. The reign¬ing operatic tenor of his generation, to his admirers Luciano Pavarotti was peerless: no one could compare with him.
  8. pejorative
    ADJ. /轻蔑;蔑视的/negative in connotation; having a belittling effect. Instead of criticizing Clinton's policies, the Republi¬cans made pejorative remarks about his character.
  9. pellucid
    ADJ. /透明;清澈;明白的/transparent; limpid; easy to understand. After reading these stodgy philosophers, I find Bertrand Russell's pellucid style very enjoyable.
  10. penchant
    N. /倾向;趣味/strong inclination; liking. Dave has a penchant for taking risks: one semester he went steady with three girls, two of whom were stars on the school karate team.
  11. pendant
    N. /装饰品;首饰/ornament (hanging from a necklace, etc.) The¬grateful team presented the coach with a silver chain and pendant engraved with the school's motto.
  12. penitent
    ADJ. /悔过的/repentant. When he realized the enormity of his crime, he became remorseful and penitent, also N.
  13. pensive
    ADJ. /沉思默想的;忧心忡忡的/dreamily thoughtful; thoughtful with a hint of sadness; contemplative. The pensive lover gazed at the portrait of his beloved and deeply sighed.
  14. penury
    N. /一贫如洗;穷困潦倒/severe poverty; stinginess. When his pension fund failed, George feared he would end his days in penury. He became such a penny pincher that he turned into a closefisted, penurious miser.
  15. perceptive
    ADJ. /有洞察力的,警觉的;智慧的/insightful; aware; wise. Although Maud was a generally perceptive critic, she had her blind spots: she could never see flaws in the work of her friends.
  16. percussion
    ADJ. /打击/striking one object against another sharply. The drum is a percussion instrument. also N.
  17. perdition
    N. /毁灭/damnation; complete ruin. Praying for salva¬tion, young Steven Daedalus feared he was damned to eternal perdition.
  18. peregrination
    N. /旅程;旅行/journey. Auntie Mame was a world traveler whose peregrinations took her from Tiajuana to Timbuctoo.
  19. peremptory
    ADJ. /专制的;强硬的,专横的/demanding and leaving no choice. From Jack's peremptory knock on the door, Jill could tell he would not give up until she let him in.
  20. perennial
    N. /终年的;永久的/something that is continuing or recurrent. These plants are hardy perennials and will bloom for many years. alsoADJ.
  21. perfidious
    ADJ. /背信弃义的;不忠的/treacherous; disloyal. When Caesar real¬ized that Brutus had betrayed him, he reproached his per¬fidious friend. perfidy, N.
  22. perforate
    V. /打孔/pierce; put a hole through. Before you can open the aspirin bottle, you must first perforate the plastic safety seal that covers the cap.
  23. perfunctory
    ADJ. /肤浅的,不投入的;漠不关心的/superficial; not thorough; lacking interest, care, or enthusiasm. The auditor's perfunctory inspection of the books overlooked many errors. Giving the tabletop only a perfunctory swipe with her dust cloth, Betty promised her¬self she'd clean it more thoroughly tomorrow.
  24. perimeter
    N. /周长/outer boundary. To find the perimeter of any quadrilateral, we add the lengths of the four sides.
  25. peripheral
    ADJ. /外围的/marginal; outer. We lived, not in central London, but in one of those peripheral suburbs that spring up on the outskirts of a great city.
  26. periphery
    N. /(圆形的)边缘/edge, especially of a round surface. He sensed that there was something just beyond the periphery of his vision.
  27. perjury
    N. /伪誓;伪证/false testimony while under oath. Rather than lie under oath and perhaps be indicted for perjury, the witness chose to take the Fifth Amendment, refusing to answer any questions on the grounds that he might incriminate himself.
  28. permeable
    ADJ. /可渗透的,可学习的/penetrable; porous; allowing liquids or gas to pass through. If your jogging clothes weren't made out of permeable fabric, you'd drown in your own perspira¬tion (figuratively speaking).
  29. permeate
    V. /传播;流传/pass through; spread. The odor of frying onions permeated the air.
  30. pernicious
    ADJ. /及具毁灭性的/very destructive. Crack cocaine has had a pernicious effect on urban society: it has destroyed fami¬lies, turned children into drug dealers, and increased the spread of violent crimes.
  31. perpetrate
    V. /犯/commit an offense. Only an insane person could perpetrate such a horrible crime.
  32. perpetual
    ADJ. /永久的/everlasting. Ponce de Leon hoped to find the legendary fountain of perpetual youth.
  33. perpetuate
    V. /保护免于灭绝/make something last; preserve from extinc¬tion. Some critics attack The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn because they believe Twain's book perpetuates a false image of Blacks in this country.
  34. perquisite
    N. /津贴,补贴;奖金/any gain above stipulated salary. The perquisites attached to this job make it even more attractive than the salary indicates.
  35. persona
    N. /角色/public personality or facade. Offstage the comedian was a sullen, irritable grumbler, a far cry from his ever-cheerful adopted stage persona.
  36. personable
    ADJ. /有吸引力的/attractive. The man I am seeking to fill this position must be personable since he will be representing us before the public.
  37. perspicacious
    ADJ. /洞察一切的,渗透的;机敏的/having insight; penetrating; astute. The brilliant lawyer was known for his perspicacious deductions. perspicacity, N.
  38. pert
    ADJ. /爱管闲事的,无理的/impertinent; forward. I think your pert and impu¬dent remarks call for an apology.
  39. pertinacious
    ADJ. /拒不屈服;反抗/stubborn; persistent. He is bound to succeed because his pertinacious nature will not permit him to quit.
  40. pertinent
    ADJ. /说到点子上的;中肯的;有关的/To the point; relevant. Virginia Woolf's words on women's rights are as pertinent today as they were when she wrote them nearly a century ago.
  41. perturb
    V. /感到不安/disturb greatly. The thought that electricity might be leaking out of the empty light bulb sockets perturbed my aunt so much that at night she crept about the house screw¬ing fresh bulbs in the vacant spots. perturbation, N.
  42. peruse
    V. /细读/read with care. After the conflagration that burned down her house, Joan closely perused her home insurance policy to discover exactly what benefits her cov¬erage provided her. perusal, N.
  43. pervasive
    ADJ. /深入人心的;普遍的/pervading; spread throughout every part. Despite airing them for several hours, Martha could not rid her clothes of the pervasive odor of mothballs that clung to them. pervade,V.
  44. perverse
    ADJ. /不正当的,邪恶的,做作的 ;硬脖子的/stubbornly wrongheaded; wicked and per¬verted. When Jack was in a perverse mood, he would do the opposite of whatever Jill asked him. When Hannibal Lecter was in a perverse mood, he ate the flesh of his vic¬tims. Jack acted out of perversity. Hannibal's act proved his perversion.
  45. pessimism
    N. /悲观主义者/belief that life is basically bad or evil; gloominess. Considering how well you have done in the course so far, you have no real reason for such pessimism about your final grade.
  46. petrify
    V. /石化/turn to stone. His sudden and unexpected appearance seemed to petrify her.
  47. petty
    ADJ. /微小的,不重要的/trivial; unimportant; very small. She had no major complaints to make about his work, only a few petty quibbles that were almost too minor to state.
  48. petulant
    ADJ. /脾气坏的/touchy; peevish. If you'd had hardly any sleep for three nights and people kept phoning and waking you up, you'd sound pretty petulant, too.
  49. phenomena
    N. /现象/observable facts; subjects of scientific investigation. We kept careful records of the phenomena we noted in the course of these experiments.
  50. philanderer
    N. /调情;轻佻的人/faithless lover; flirt. Swearing he had never so much as looked at another woman, Ralph assured Alice he was no philanderer.
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