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  1. The wireless system was completely
    rebuilt with additional, amazing features.
  2. Radios were
    more versatile and reliable.
  3. Vaccaro (2011) states, “Radios
    had multi-frequency systems, this meant there could be many people talking on the same system without complications.”
  4. The departments also
    had new devices called post radios. These were suitcase sized radios that were brought on scene to boost radio signals.
  5. The government also
    found a way to use Wifi in larger cities to add to their communication resources.
  6. In 2007, New York
    launched a wifi network called NCWiN.
  7. This is an exclusive network
    for the emergency care system to access information on the emergency at hand.
  8. This network
    was also capable of linking frequencies via ip. Connections.
  9. Another device that
    was made was the Raytheon AC1000.
  10. This device also linked
    all the frequencies via ip connection, which made it less likely for the network to get jammed.
  11. This device was mobile
    just like the post radios. It was carried in the back of a truck that would be deployed in disasters.
  12. With all the changes
    in the system, it led to a lot more interoperability with the emergency care systems.
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