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  1. Conclusively, there were
    • many changes in the emergency care system after the system failed during 9/11,
    • including development of technology, improvement in communication, and an increase in understanding of cross-agency protocols.
  2. Even though 9/11 was a devastating event
    • it was a milestone for the United States in instigating better preparedness in equipment and communication to minimize the effect of future disasters.
    • The upgrade in technology and the teamwork that has been formed will surely benefit us all in moments of great need.
  3. When we think about September 11th,
    we think about all the lives lost and the pain inflicted on our nation.
  4. However, we are not completely at a loss.
    Taking from the experience of 9/11, we have expanded our resources, improved technology and training, and learned to work together as a nation for the better security of our people.
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