Theology Vocan List III + People Identifications

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  1. Apocalyptic
    A type of literature usually written in times of Persecution, used to persuade believers that God is in charge of the universe. Consists of heavenly visions explained by an angelic mediator along with other features.
  2. Apostle
    One of the Twelve, chosen by Jesus to “be sent,” and who ultimately become the leaders of the early Christian communities after the Death and Resurrection.
  3. Epistle
    A letter; in the NT, an epistle is written to a specific community in response to a controversy and question.
  4. Eschaton
    future time when God's promises will be completely fulfilled
  5. Gospel
    The good news proclaimed by Jesus and the Church; later the genre that tells the deeds, teachings, and meaning of Jesus of Nazareth.
  6. Kerygma
    Technical term used in NT studies to refer to a statement of faith. Ex: the basic kerygmatic statement of the early Church was “Jesus is the Christ.”
  7. Parable
    A story, usually dealing with the Kingdom of God, told by Jesus which uses traditional images to teach the crowds truth.
  8. Parousia
    Litterally, “to arrive.” Specifically refers to the Second Coming of Christ into the World.
  9. Q
    A proposed common source for the Gospels’ of Matthew and Luke. It is seen as a source of sayings of Jesus and is defined as the material in Matthew and Luke but not in Mark
  10. Son of Man
    A phrase used by Jesus to describe himself as the Messiah. In John’s Gospel, nearly every occurrence of the phrase is connected to the Passion.
  11. Qoheleth
    ecclesiastics writer and connected to Solomon. claims to be solomon? Wisdom
  12. Job?
    • has his own book
    • was put to trial because satan/Accuser said only worshiped him because of all the good things God gave him.
  13. the Satan
    • not what we usually think
    • the accuser
    • biggest tattle-teller in the history of histories
  14. elizabeth?
    • mother of John the Baptist
    • barren her entire life and conceived child through the miracle of spirit. 
    • mary's cousin
  15. Simeon?
    • holy spirit tells him that he will not die until he sees the Messiah. 
    • sees him and dies.
  16. Zechariah
    • he is the father of John the baptist
    • gets mute because he does not believe in the lord
  17. Jesus
  18. Joseph
    • adopted father of Jesus. 
    • makes biological because adoption = blood
  19. Mary
    mother of Jesus
  20. Gabriel
    • GABE!!!!!! give shorty some candy. :)
    • archangel messenger!
    • he told Mary that her eggo was preggo.
  21. Matthew
    a writer of the Gospel
  22. Simon/Peter
    • one of the first apostles. 
    • holds the keys to heaven
  23. Andrew
    • apostle
    • former follower of John the Baptist
  24. James
    • son of Alphaeus
    • an Apostle
  25. Nathaniel
    one of the twelve apostles
  26. John
    • writer of one of the gospels. 
    • nothing to do with synoptics
  27. Herod the Great
    • killed john the baptist
    • roman king of judea
    • expanded and made a second temple in Jerusalem
  28. john the baptist
    • son of elizabeth and Zechariah
    • baptized Jesus
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