ib unit 2

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  1. Cultural determinants:
    • factors that shape a country’s culture, including its geography, history,
    • intellectual property and main religion
  2. Canadian mosaic:
    • a term used to describe Canada’s cultural heritage,
    • which is make up of cultures from all over the world
  3. Cultural imperialism:
    the imposition of one group’s cultural values and customs on another group
  4. Cultural marketing:
    the use of marketing resources to create effective international marketing campaigns that will appeal to consumers in specific countries
  5. Cultural norms:
    cultural expectations, appearances, observances, and behaviours that are normal in a region or country
  6. Culture:
    the values, laws, language, technology, art, music, religion and literature of a community or nation
  7. Customs:
    theofficial government department that administers regulations governing importsand collecting duties; also the social habits and traditional behaviour of apeople that reflect their cultural values
  8. Natural hazards:
    climatic or geological conditions that endanger human life and property
  9. Negotiation style:
    theway in which business people negotiate business relationships, particularly importantin international business
  10. Protocol:
    customary and expected behaviour, including rules and etiquette
  11. Silent language:
    non-verbal communication such as body language, gestures, personal distances between people, and appearance
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