Ch 23 Respiratory System

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  1. Name the structures which comprise the respiratory system.
    • Nose
    • Pharynx
    • Larynx
    • Trachea
    • Bronchi
    • Lungs
  2. Which structures are considered to be part of the upper respiratory system ?
    Comprised of the nose and the pharynx
  3. Which structures are considered to be part of the lower
    respiratory system ?
    • Larynx
    • Trachea
    • Bronchi
    • Lungs
  4. Compare the function of the conducting portion of the respiratory system to that of the respiratory portion of the respiratory system.
    Series of tubes that will carry air from the nose to the lungs
  5. What are the two main portions of the nose ?
    • External Nose
    • Internal Nose
  6. Describe the structure of the external nose.
    • Framework made of cartilage and bone
    • Covered with muscle and skin
    • Lined with mucous membrane
  7. What are the external nares ?
  8. What are the functions of the internal structures of the external nose ?
    • smell
    • take in air
    • warm/ filter/ moisten air
    • resanince chamber (for speech)
  9. Describe the structure of the internal nose.
    • Inferior to the nasal bone
    • Superior to the mouth
    • Lined with muscle and mucous membrane
  10. What are the internal nares ?
    Opening into the back of the nose (into pharynx)
  11. What structures open (drain) into the internal nose ?
    • Paranasal sinus
    • Naso lacrimal ducts
  12. Where is the vestibule of the nose ?
    Right inside the external nares
  13. Briefly describe the structure and function of the nasal septum.
    Partition that divides the nasal cavity into left and right halves
  14. What is the function of the olfactory epithelium ?  Where is it located ?
    • Contains olfactory receptors
    • Upper portion of nasal cavity in mucous membrane & in concay
  15. What is the pharynx ?
    Extends from nose to larynx and epiglotous.
  16. What are the functions of the pharynx ?
    • Passage way for air and food
    • Tonsils there
    • Used for speech and vocalization
  17. What are the three regions of the pharynx ?  Briefly describe the location of each of the
    • Nasopharynx: starts at nasal cavity, extends to levof soft palate (Eustachian :auditory tubes)
    • Oropharynx
    • Laryngopharynx
  18. Name the structures which open into the nasopharynx.
    • Goes from soft palate to hyoid bone
    • From level of hyoid to larynx and esophagous
  19. What are the functions of the nasopharynx ?
    • Passageway for air
    • Equalize pressure between pharynx and inner ear
  20. What is the fauces ?
    Opening from mouth into pharynx
  21. What are the functions of the oropharynx ?
    Passageway for air, foods, and drinks
  22. What are the functions of the laryngopharynx ?
    Passageway for air, foods, and drinks
  23. What two structures does the larynx connect ?
    Pharynx to the Trachea
  24. What is the common name for the larynx ?
    Voice Box
  25. Describe the structure and the function of the epiglottis.
    • Leaf like structure
    • Made mostly of cartilage
    • Covered by epithelium
  26. Why is the epiglottis important ?
    • Covers respiratory system during swallowing
    • Directs food to esophagous
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