Utilities Maintenance

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  1. Pressure Head
    The vertical distance equal to the pressure at a specific point
  2. Maximum height that water will rise?
    33.9 feet
  3. Cavitation
    The formation & collapsing of air or gas bubbles on the blade of impeller or the gate of a valve
  4. what is an impeller?
    A rotating set of vanes on a pump or compressor shaft designed to move water or air.
  5. suction head
    The positive pressure on the suction side of a pump. Measure in feet or psi
  6. Volute (casing)
    The snail or spiral shaped casing surrounding the impeller on a pump or blower.
  7. Wet well
    Tank or pit where wastewater or water is collected
  8. Never run this pump on a closed head or discharge
    Positive displacement
  9. Types of reciprocating pumps
    • 1.Piston
    • 2. Plunger
    • 3. Diaphragm
    • 4. Bellows
  10. Pump that has an intermittent flow...
    is a reciprocating pump
  11. Most frequent pumping problem on centrifugal pumps
    Air leaks
  12. These pumps operate by increasing the liquid velocity and converting the higher velocity into pressure by narrowing the discharge flow passage
    Dynamic pumps
  13. This pump must never be started untill it has been primed
    Centrifugal Pump
  14. pump that consists of an impeller attached to a rotating shaft that is enclosed in a casing or volute
    Centrifugal pump
  15. Most common pump in a wet well?
    submersible pump
  16. What happens when seals fail on submersible pump?
    the motor may short or cause burns motor
  17. How do coupled pumps differ from other pumps?
    the pump and motor are one unit.
  18. Vertical turbine pumps
    1. motor on top attached to pump by a shaft.
  19. Main pump parts
    • Motor 
    • Volute
    • Housing
  20. Seal
    also known as "packing". It prevent leaking around a shaft.
  21. Shaft
    connects the pump to the prime (motor)
  22. What do Bearings do?
    They allows the constrained relative motion between two or more parts, typically rotation or linear movement
  23. How does cavitation occur?
    Cavitation occurs when cavities of air (bubbles) form at the suction of a pump
  24. what is vane passing syndrome?
    it is when the impeller liquid clearance is to small causing vaporization. The impeller can become damaged.
  25. ISO
    international Standarization Organization
  26. Total Acid Number
    The measure of the oxidation that the fluid has undergone since startup
  27. Lubrication - water
    water in lubrication is its worst enemy.
  28. Lubrication - Metals
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