French Subjunctive Expressions/Phrases

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  1. to be afraid, to fear (2)
    avoir peur/craindre
  2. to be happy
    être content
  3. to be sad
    être triste
  4. to regret
  5. to be surprised
    être surpris
  6. to be angry
    être furieux
  7. to be disappointed
    être déçu
  8. to want
  9. to like
  10. to prefer
  11. to desire
  12. to wish
  13. (not) to accept
    (ne pas) accepter
  14. to refuse
  15. to forbid
  16. to doubt
  17. to believe
    croire (Only when made negative or used in a question)
  18. to think
    penser (Only when made negative or used in a question)
  19. to be sure
    être sûr (Only when made negative or used in a question)
  20. to be certain
    être certain (Only when made negative or used in a question)
  21. It is necessary, must (2)
    Il faut, Il est nécessaire
  22. It is essential
    Il est essentiel
  23. It is important
    Il est important
  24. It is urgent
    Il est urgent
  25. It is possible
    Il est possible
  26. It is impossible
    Il est impossible
  27. It is unlikely
    Il est peu probable
  28. It is doubtful
    Il est douteux
  29. It seems
    Il semble
  30. although, even though
    bien que
  31. in order that, so that (2)
    pour que, afin que
  32. until
    jusqu'à ce que
  33. provided that
    pourvu que
  34. without
    sans que
  35. not that
    non que
  36. before
    avant que (
  37. for fear that
    de peur que (
  38. unless
    à moins que (
  39. It seems to me
    Il me semble (does not take the subjunctive!)
  40. It is probable
    Il est probable (does not take the subjunctive!)
  41. It is certain
    Il est certain (does not take the subjunctive!)
  42. It is sure
    Il est sûr (does not take the subjunctive!)
  43. It is evident
    Il est évident (does not take the subjunctive!)
  44. It is true
    Il est vrai (does not take the subjunctive!)
  45. It is clear
    Il est clair (does not take the subjunctive!)
  46. when (2)
    quand, lorsque (do not take the subjunctive!)
  47. as soon as (2)
    aussitôt que, dès que (do not take the subjunctive!)
  48. because
    parce que (does not take the subjunctive!)
  49. after
    après que (does not take the subjunctive!)
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