SAT Vocabulary List 9

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  1. ethnic
    adj. relating to races
  2. adroit
    adj. skillful
  3. bluster
    • v. blow in heavy gusts; threaten emptily; bully
    • n. noisy, violent, or threatening talk
  4. quip
    n. taunt
  5. libel
    n. defamatory statement; act or writing something that smears a person's character
  6. topography
    n. physical features of a region
  7. bandy
    v. discuss lightly or glibly; exchange (words) heatedly
  8. uninhibited
    adj. underepressed
  9. sheathe
    v. place in a case
  10. rectitude
    n. uptightness; moral virtue; correctness of judgement
  11. atypical
    adj. not normal
  12. oscillate
    v. vibrate pendulum-like; waver
  13. manifest
    adj. evident; visible; obvious
  14. lull
    n. moment of calm
  15. anthology
    n. book of literary selections by various authors
  16. imbibe
    v. drink in
  17. disjointed
    adj. disconnected
  18. rationale
    n. fundamental reason or justification; grounds for an action
  19. iconoclastic
    adj. attacking cherished traditions
  20. devotee
    n. enthusiastic follower
  21. detraction
    n. slandering; aspersion
  22. dwindle
    v. shrink; reduce
  23. excoriate
    v. scold with biting harshness; strip the skin off
  24. bloated
    adj. swollen or puffed as with water or air
  25. sunder
    v. separate; part
  26. astronomical
    adj. enormously large or extensive
  27. pontifical
    adj. pertaining to a pope; pompous or pretentious
  28. motif
    n. theme
  29. veer
    v. change in direction
  30. actuarial
    adj. calculating; pertaining to insurance statistics
  31. virtuoso
    n. highly skilled artist
  32. surly
    adj. rude; cross
  33. solitude
    n. state of being alone; seclusion
  34. apposite
    adj. appropriate; fitting
  35. sequester
    v. isolate; retire from public life; segregate; seclude
  36. recast
    v. reconstruct (a sentence. story etc)
  37. boisterous
    adj. violent; rough; noisy
  38. gruesome
    adj. grisly; horrible
  39. forswear
    v. renounce; abandon
  40. doldrums
    n. blues; listlessness; slack period
  41. skeptic
    n. doubter; person who suspends judgment until the evidence supporting a point of view had been examined
  42. buffet
    • v. slap; natter; knock about
    • n. a meal at which people help themselves
  43. inequity
    n. unfairness
  44. hibernate
    v. sleep throughout the winter
  45. relish
    v. savor; enjoy
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