Cattle Equipment

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    Automatic Dose Syringe
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    Balling Gun
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    Band Elastrator
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    Barnes dehorner
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    Burdizzo Emasculator
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    Dehorning saw
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    Electric dehorner
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    Frick speculum
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    Keystone dehorner
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    Newberry Castrating Knife
  12. Image UploadWhat is the name of the item in the bull's nose?
    Nose Ring
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    Nose tongs
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    Oral calf feeder
  15. Image UploadWhat is the name of the piece of equipment the cow is in?
    Squeeze Chute
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    Stock Prod
  17. Image UploadWhat is this called (lifting the tail)?  Why is it done?
    • Tail Twitch
    • To prevent kicking
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    At what age can this be used? 
    How is it used?
    • Under 6 weeks of age
    • Apply at the base of the horn
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Equipment used in cattle care and restraint
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