French Words

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  1. Sangfroid
    This word literally means cold-blooded. It is defined as calmness and poise, especially in trying situations.

    composure, self-possession or imperturbability especially when in a dangerous situation
  2. Parvenu
    This is a person who has recently acquired wealth, and has therefore risen in class.
  3. Arriviste
    This word is similar to parvenu (though arriviste connotes more ruthless ambition). It came into thelanguage much more recently, circa 1900.
  4. Melee
    a wild, confusing fight or struggle.

    Despite the scornful stares from entrenched aristocrats, the parvenu walked blithely about the palacegrounds, maintaining his sangfroid and demurring to enter into the melees that the snobbish were sofond of baiting arrivistes into.
  5. Lagniappe
    In Cajun country, in the 19th Century, alagniappe was any unexpected gift.
  6. Picayune
    Derived from Cajun via Provencal France, picayune refers not only to a coin but also to an amount thatis trifling or meager. It can also refer to a person who is petty..
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