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  1. Conciliate
    To conciliate is to make peace with
  2. Corroborate
    To corroborate something is to confirm or lend support to (usually an idea or claim)
  3. Calumny
    A calumny is a false statement meant to injure a person’s reputation
  4. Commensurate
    • To be commensurate to is to be in proportion or corresponding in degree or amount
    • The definition of this word tends to be a little unwieldy, regardless of the source. Therefore, it is a word that screams to be understood in context (for this very reason, GRE loves commensurate, because they know that those who just devour flashcards will not understand how the word works in a sentences). Speaking of a sentence…
  5. Churlish
    • Someone who is churlish is lacking manners or refinement; rude and unpleasant
    • The manager was unnecessarily churlish to his subordinates, rarely deigning to say hello, but always quick with a sartorial jab if someone happened to be wearing anything even slightly unbecoming.
  6. Castigate
    • To castigate someone is to reprimand harshly
    • This word is very similar to chastise. They even have the same etymology (word history).
  7. Chastise
    Very similar to castigate, it also means to reprimand harshly
  8. Cogent
    Something that’s cogent is clear and persuasive
  9. Contentious
    • Contentious has two meanings: controversial (in terms of an issue); inclined to arguing (in terms of a person)
    • This word does not mean content. It comes from contend, which means to argue. Be chary (see below)of this word.
  10. Chary
    Chary rhymes with wary, and it means to be cautious. They are also synonyms.
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