SAT Vocab Set #10

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  1. Inadvertent
  2. Inane
    silly; insignificant
  3. Inaugurate
    begin; induct into
  4. Incessant
    continuous; endless
  5. Inchoate
    not yet fully developed
  6. Incite
    arouse to action; stir up; foment
  7. Incompatible
    incapable of existing together in peace
  8. Incongruous
    out of place
  9. Incorrigible
    impossible to correct, control, or discipline
  10. Incredulous
    unwilling or unable to believe
  11. Indict
    charge with a crime; accuse
  12. Indigent
    very poor
  13. Indolent
  14. Induce
    cause to happen; bring about
  15. Inert
    lacking movement; inactive; sluggish
  16. Infallible
    incapable of making a mistake
  17. Infamy
    a bad reputation; notoriety
  18. Infer
    to figure out, based on given information; conclude; deduce
  19. Infiltrate
    penetrate by passing through gaps; enter secretly and become established, such as a spy might do in an enemy organization
  20. Ingenuous
    naive; unsophisticated; inexperienced
  21. Innate
    having a quality that arises from within, rather than learned or acquired from the outside; native; inborn
  22. Innocuous
    harmless; inoffensive
  23. Innovation
    a new idea or product; a new way of doing something that is so much better, it causes others to copy it
  24. Inscrutable
  25. Insipid
    dull; flat; without sparkle or flavor
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