Exam 2 - Georgia Politics and History

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  1. Explain the "winner-take-all" system in politics.
    It is the reason for the two political parties in America.  Someone must get a threshold percentage (set by the respective State - GA 45%) to prevent a runoff.
  2. What three events broke up the "Solid South" in Georgia?
    • Civil Rights- identification of Democrats legislation supporting Civil Rights changed party affiliations nationally
    • Georgia Population Growth- Georgia grew from 3 million to 10 million between 1960-2000; Northern Republicans and their white, middle class jobs moved to Georgia (but were more fiscal and socially liberal than Southern Democrats
    • Income level increase- Southern states like GA, NC, and TX increased income levels because Democratic governors created jobs
  3. Which election signaled a crack in the Solid South in Georgia?
    • Barry Goldwater (1964)
    • George Wallace
    • Nixon
    • Carter
    • Reagan
    • Bush
    • Clinton
  4. Name some of the powers that the Political parties hold.
    • holding primaries to get candidates on the ballot
    • adding information on the ballot
    • determining their nominee in a primary
    • holding caucuses or conventions
    • CANNOT set date or determine what ballot looks like!!!
  5. What are the different forms of media? What distinguishes it from "The Press?"
    • Newspaper
    • Radio
    • Television
    • Internet
    • Billboards
    • Magazines
    • The Press is JUST NEWSPAPERS
  6. Why does Cox Communications run almost ALL media in Georgia?
    • They filter most news in Georgia and there is no competition since the dissemination of the Gwinnett Daily News (owned by NY Times)
    • Delivers news of Atlanta local stations to outside markets but restricts AJC to Metro Atlanta.
    • Republican Dominance determines what gets covered during campaigns and elections
  7. What are the three types of political culture?
    • Moralistic - broad support for the role of politics for promoting a just society; expects people to participate in New England
    • Traditionalistic - geared to preserving existing relations; participants are part of the elite who decides for others in the South
    • induvidualistic - characterized by active participation based on private activities in the Western States
  8. What are the three types of polling?
    • Base Poll - 20 minutes by live persons - likely registered voters from a registered voter list - $20-25,000 to do a 300 completed base poll
    • Tracking Poll - 5 minutes tracking voter movement course of campaign measures independent and undecided voters - 50 are called - $3-5,000 a pop - $15,000
    • Focus Group - 8-12 people in a room who determines who they are, tells you about mindset of person in that district and ask why they think that way - $8,000 a pop
  9. Which jobs are required for a successful campaign staff?
    • Campaign Director - $2,000 a month
    • Press Person - speech writing and press personnel - $2,000/month
    • General Consultant - $10,000/month
    • Web - $500
    • Direct Mailer - persuasion pieces- the most targeting you can do - 50-70 cents a piece to mail and address it
    • Volunteers
    • Yard Signs and Billboards - $1,500 each
    • Radio Ads - $2.50-$45 outside Atlanta
    • Newspaper - in small towns rates are cheap - 1/4 page $125
    • Television - $1.75 Million
  10. What is the voting trend concerning gender in Georgia?
    • They represent 52% of the voter population in Georgia (only district where male is majority is Downtown Atlanta)
    • Women Care for issues concerning: education, safety, healthcare (for them, their parents and children), consumer issues
    • Women are turned off by issues concerning: fiscal issues, world affairs, and retirement.  Social wedge issues also don't get women to decide votes for you like immigration.
    • Black women turnout the most - 1 million registered in Georgia
    • The Democrat's dilemma is that no white males turn out to vote (black males drive black percentage down farthest- only 720,000 registered)
  11. What is the definition of Political Culture?
    • It describes everything you need to know about an area; an area's social, historical, economic, political beliefs, values and the perceptional persona of an area
    • shows you how to govern and interpret what's going on
    • you cannot change an area's political culture single-handedly; it has to change overtime
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