SAT Vocab Set #13

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  1. Mendacity
    a lie; a false statement
  2. Meticulous
    extremely careful about details
  3. Minute
    very small in size
  4. Misconstrue
    misunderstand; interpret incorrectly
  5. Mitigate
    make less severe; mollify
  6. Mollify
    lessen anger; soothe; placate
  7. Monologue
    a long, uninterrupted speech by one person
  8. Morose
  9. Mundance
    ordinary; earthly (not spiritual); practical; temporary
  10. Myriad
    large number; many
  11. Nefarious
    extremely evil
  12. Negligent
    careless in a situation that could result in harm; neglectful
  13. Neophyte
  14. Nocturnal
    active at night
  15. Nostalgic
    wishing for a return to the way things used to be; longing for the past; homesick
  16. Novelty
    something new or unusual
  17. Nuance
    slight degree; shade of difference
  18. Nullify
    remove or cancel all value or force; negate
  19. Nurture
    provide care and support; nourish; train or educate
  20. Obdurate
    stubborn; unyielding
  21. Objurgate
    scold; castigate; denounce
  22. Obliterate
    remove or destroy completely; erase
  23. Obscure
    hazy; unfamiliar; difficult to understand
  24. Obsequious
    behaving like a meek, spineless servant; subservient; sycophantic
  25. Obsolete
    no longer usable; outdated
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SAT Vocab Set #13
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