SAT Vocab Set #14

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  1. Obstinate
    stubborn; refusing to be persuaded
  2. Obtuse
    dull; blunt; unintelligent; lacking sharpness
  3. Obviate
    eliminate the need for something; make unneccessary
  4. Ominous
    a sign of something unpleasant that's about to happen; inauspicious
  5. Onerous
    burdensome; oppressive
  6. Opaque
    too dark or thick for light to pass through
  7. Opportunist
    someone who takes advantage of the situation
  8. Optimist
    someone who always believes things will turn out okay
  9. Opulence
    luxury; wealth; riches
  10. Pacifist
    person who refuses to fight
  11. Paltry
    worthless; insignificant, petty
  12. Paragon
    model of excellence; the best
  13. Parity
    equality or equivalence; balance among a group of rivals
  14. Parsimony
    stinginess; excessive frugality
  15. Partisan
    blindly devoted to a cause or organization
  16. Paucity
    too few; scarcity
  17. Pecuniary
    having to do with money; financial
  18. Penchant
    a strong liking; attraction
  19. Penury
    extreme poverty; destitution
  20. Perfunctory
    without enthusiasm or thoroughness; routine; "going through the motions"
  21. Pernicious
  22. Perspicacity
    mental sharpness; keen insight; shrewdness
  23. Peruse
    read carefully; study in detail
  24. Pervade
    to spread to every part
  25. Petulance
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