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  1. Phlegmatic
    calm; unemotional
  2. Pious
    exhibiting religious devotion
  3. Pithy
    to the point; concise
  4. Placate
    to appease; pacify; mollify
  5. Platitude
    dull, trite statement
  6. Plausible
    believable, but not completely
  7. Pompous
    filled with self-importance; arrogant; obnoxiously proud
  8. Ponderous
    slow; weighty; labored
  9. Portent
    warning sign; omen; indication
  10. Potent
  11. Precarious
    risky; uncertain
  12. Preclude
    prevent; make impossible
  13. Precocious
    mature at a young age
  14. Predecessor
    an earlier occupant of a job, office, or position
  15. Predilection
    a preference for something
  16. Pretentious
    showy; making ridiculous claims; excessively ambitious
  17. Prevalent
    widely-accepted; common; prevailing
  18. Primordial
    formed long ago; primitive
  19. Prodigal
    wasteful, especially of money; extravagant
  20. Prodigious
    very large
  21. Profound
    penetrating beyond the superficial; filled with wisdom and insight; deep
  22. Profuse
    in large amounts or quantities
  23. Protract
    extend in time or space
  24. Provoke
    to anger; to stir up or arouse
  25. Proximity
    nearness; closeness
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