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  1. cloture
    mechanism requiring vote of 60 senators to cut off debate
  2. stare decisis
    a reliance on past decisions or precedents to formulate decisions in new cases
  3. patronage
    jobs, grants, or other special favors that are given as rewards to friends and allies for their support
  4. powers that are "necessary and proper" are stated in...
    Article I, Section 8
  5. filibuster
    formal way of halting Senate action on a bill by means of long speeches or unlimited debate
  6. gerrymandering
    drawing of congressional districts to produce electoral outcome without regard to shape of district
  7. majority leader
    head of party controlling most seats in House or Senate; 2nd in authority of Speaker of House
  8. minority party
    head of party with 2nd highest number of elected presidents in House or Senate
  9. pork barrel
    legislation allowing representatives to bring money to their districts in form of public work programs or other programs
  10. President Pro Tempore
    official chair of Senate; usually most senior member of majority party
  11. Hold
    procedure by which senator asks to be informed before particular bill is brought to floor
  12. pardon
    executive grant providing restoration of all rights of citizenship to specific individual charged of crime
  13. veto power
    resides in president, to reject bills passed by both houses of Congress
  14. pocket veto
    if Congress delays after 10 days, president has to consider bill passed by both houses

    without president signature
  15. amicus curaie
    "friend of court", may list briefs or appear to argue their interests orally before court
  16. habeas court
    "you have the body", requiring that prisoner be brought before court to determine whether government has right to continue detaining them
  17. solicitor general
    4th-ranking member of Depart. of Justice; responsible for handling nearly all appeals on behalf of US gov't to Supreme Court
  18. Incumbency Advantage
    • 1. presidents already known¬†in political spectrum
    • 2. no trouble running & funding their campaigns
    • 3. have safe seats due to experience & sometimes district advantage
  19. Youngstown Steel & Tube v. Sawyer
    Supreme Court decision that limited power of President to seize private property
  20. U.S. Term Limits v. Thornton
    SC ruled that states can't impose qualifications for members of Congress stricter than those specified in Constitution
  21. Amendment 12
    provides procedure for electing President and Vice President
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