SAT Vocabulary List 11

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  1. perverse
    adj. stubbornly wrongheaded; wicked and perverted
  2. spurn
    v. reject; scorn
  3. platitude
    n. trite remark; commonplace statement
  4. insightful
    adj. discerning; preceptive
  5. rote
    n. repetition
  6. procrastinate
    v. postpone; delay pr put off
  7. peerless
    adj. having no equal; incomparable
  8. vampire
    n. ghostly being that sucks the blood of the living
  9. requiem
    n. mass (Christian religious ceremony) for the dead; dirge
  10. swill
    v. drink greedily
  11. unstinting
    adj. giving generously; not holding back
  12. partial
    adj. incompetent; having a liking for something
  13. somnambulist
    n. sleepwalker
  14. valedictory
    adj. / n. pertaining to farewell
  15. gullible
    adj. easily deceived
  16. palette
    n. board on which painter mixes pigments
  17. warble
    v. / n. sing; babble
  18. virtual
    adj. in essence; for practical purposes
  19. laud
    v. praise
  20. exhume
    v. dig out of the ground; remove from the grave
  21. harrowing
    adj. agonizing; distressing; traumatic
  22. odium
    n. detestation; hatefulness; disrepute
  23. testy
    adj. irritable; short-tempered
  24. paleontology
    n. study of prehistoric life
  25. pithy
    adj. concise; meaningful; substantial; meaty
  26. salacious
    adj. lascivious; lustful
  27. petty
    adj. trivial; unimportant; very small
  28. degradation
    n. humiliation; debasement; degeneration
  29. inclined
    adj. tending or leaning toward; bent
  30. ingratite
    v become popular with
  31. pauper
    n. very poor person
  32. prophetic
    • adj. foretelling the future
    • adj. looking back on the past
  33. retrospective
    n. a generally comprehensive exhibition showing the work of an artist over a span of years
  34. perquisite
    n. any gain above stipulated salary
  35. dispatch
    n. speediness; prompt execution; message sent with all due speed
  36. threadbare
    adj. worn through till the threads show; shabby and poor
  37. acoustics
    n. science of sound; quality that makes a room easy or hard to hear in
  38. melancholy
    adj. gloomy; morose; blue
  39. adage
    n. wise saying; proverb
  40. discretion
    n. prudence; ability to adjust actions to circumstances
  41. ancestry
    n. family decent
  42. forensic
    adj. suitable to debate or courts of law
  43. extrovert
    n. person interested mostly in external objects and actions
  44. navigable
    adj. wide and deep enough to allow ships to pss through; able to be steered
  45. foible
    n. weakness; slight fault
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