Wong Sik Syue p 136

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  1. Keuih2 bin1 nihn4 laih4  Heung1 Gong2 ga? nei 2 ne1?
    Which year is he coming to Hong Kong? and you?
  2. Soeng go sing keih yat dou saam dou lok yueh.
    Last Monday to Wednesday is rained
  3. Ngoh sap hou dou sap lok hou dou mh dak hahn.
    From the tenth to the sixteenth, I don't have time.
  4. Ngoh dei sap yih dim dou yat dim bun sik aan
    From 12noon to 1.30pm, we are eating lunch
  5. soeng go yuet
    last month
  6. ni go yuet
    this month
  7. hah go yuet
    next month
  8. yat yuet yat hou
    1st of January
  9. gei (do) hou?
    which day of the month?
  10. soeng go sing keih
    last week
  11. ni go sing keih
    this week
  12. hah go sing keih
    next week
  13. hah go sing keih lok
    next saturday
  14. bin go sing keih?
    which week?
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this year next month etc

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