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  1. best initial test for hereditary angioedema?
    most accurate?
    • c2 and c4 levels
    • most accurate is c1 esterase inhibitor
  2. best initial therapy for hereditary angioedema?
    best long term therapy for hereditary angioedema?

    long term--danazol, stanazol
  3. causes of urticaria?
    • insects
    • medication--allopurinol, rifampin, lamotrignese, penicilins, sulfonamides
  4. rx for urticaria?
    • h1 blockers
    • leukotriene receptor antagonists
  5. best initial test for common variable immunodeficiency?
    • decreased immunoglobulins
    • decreased response of b cells to antigens
  6. long term management of cvid?
  7. what immunoglobulins are decreased in cvid?
    • igm
    • igg
    • iga
  8. difference between cvid and brutons?
    • decreased or absence of lymphoid tissues, tonsils, adenoids, lymph notes--in brutons but
    • normal in cvid

    in cvid--normal number of b cells in brutons decreased number of b cells
  9. which of the immunodeficienies gives a risk to lymphoma?
    gives risk to autoimmune diseases?
    • cvid
    • cvid
  10. best initial therapy for cvid, brutons?
    best long term therapy?

    long term--immunoglobulins
  11. rx for scid?
    bone marrow transplant
  12. symptoms of scid?
    • recurrent sinopulmonary infections
    • --aids like infections due to T cells absence
  13. what two immunodeficiency predispose to autoimmune disorders?
    • IgA deficiency
    • CVID
  14. manifestation of hyper IgE syndrome?
    • facies
    • absecess
    • teeth retained
    • IgE is high
    • Dermatitis---eczema
  15. best initial rx for hyper IgE
    best long term rx?
    • antibiotics
    • prophylactic ox, clox, diclox, naf
  16. manifestation of wiskott aldrich syndrome?
    • thrombocytopenia
    • infection
    • Eczema
  17. what two immunological deficienies present with  eczema?
    • wiskott aldrich
    • hyper IgE
  18. what two immunodeficiencyes require bone marrow transpant?
    • scid
    • wiscot aldrich
  19. what two immunodeficiencyes have decreased b and t cells?
    • scid
    • wickott aldrich syndrome
  20. best initial test for chronic granulomatous disease?
    nitroblue tetrazolium testing
  21. what organisms are present in the granulomas with cgd?
    • staph
    • aspergillus
    • ecoli
    • nocardia
    • burkholderia
  22. what leukemia produces monocytopenia?
    hairy cell leukemia
  23. causes of parotitis?
    • mumps
    • stones
    • poor dentition and intubation
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