Chem: phos

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  1. Where is phosphate found?
    • 55% free ion
    • 33% comlplexed
    • 12% protein bound
  2. How is Phos eliminated from our bodies?
    freely filtered a the glomerulus
  3. What are some important role of phosphate in our bodies?
    • It is the high energy bond of ATP
    • used in the cell membranes
    • serves as a urinary buffer
  4. How doe we treat hypophos?
  5. What is occurring when the phos level is low?
    • cellular energy deficiency
    • low levels of 2-3DGP (O2 bound tighter)
  6. How does phos help release oxygen from hgb?
    It is part of 2-3 DPG
  7. At what level to we see severe organ dysfunction?
    <1 mg/dl
  8. Why are pt's with low levels of phos prone to infection?
    phos contributes to WBC's ability to fight infection.
  9. Is rhabdo a possible complication of hypophos?
  10. What type of pt's is hypophos common in?
    • truama
    • post-op
  11. What causes hypophos?
    • shift of phos into ICF
    • Increased loss thought kidneys
    • decreased absorption from GI
    • hyperventilation
  12. Why do we want to replace phos carefully?
    increased phos levels can precipitate a fall in Ca
  13. Are the symptoms of hyperphos related to the phos level or low Ca level associated with hyperphos?
    Low Ca levels
  14. How does hyperphos occur?
    • rapid lysis of cells:
    • -chemo
    • -Rhabdo
    • -sepsis
    • renal failure is the most common cause
  15. Excretion of phos fails when the GFR is
    <20-25 ml/min
  16. How do we treat hyperphos?
    • treat the underlying cause
    • correcting any associated hypoCa
    • restrict intake and increase excretion
    • dialysis
  17. What medications might we use to increase excretion of phos?
    • Acetazolamide
    • Al hydroxide
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