Phosphorus Cycle

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  1. Limiting Factor in phosphorus cycle
    P is generally the nutrient limiting primary productivity of freshwater marshes, bogs, and lakes

    N is generally the limiting nutrient in salt marshes and many forests

    Limiting factor- a material whose supply is less than optimal for growth and reproduction of organisms and which, if the supply is increased, results in increased production
  2. Liebig's law of the minimum
    the essential material most closely approaching a critical minimum will tend to be the single limiting nutrient under a steady set of conditions
  3. What elements or compounds tend to precipitate phosphate?
    precipitation by Fe3+, Al 3+ or Ca 2+

    al3+ + H2PO4- +2H20 = 2H+ +Al(OH)2H2PO4

    3Ca2+ + 2H2PO4= Ca3(PO4)2 + 4H+
  4. Reduction-oxidation and Fe/P release relationship
    • Fe(III)-->Fe(II) soluble
    • -Releases PO4 bound to Fe hydrous oxides and other forms
    • Soluble P may be "trapped" by Fe(III) forms as it diffuses into oxidized zone
    • Al may still bind P in anaerobic zones
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