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  1. idol
    Idol worship is forbidden in Islam
  2. iconoclastic [aɪkɒnəklӕstɪk]
    Tom is an irreverent, iconoclastic figure who refuses to conform

    I do not want to be completely iconoclastic
  3. conform
    There is considerable pressure on teenagers to conform
  4. audacity
    He had the audacity to ask me such a question.
  5. temerity[təmerəti]
    I had the temerity to complain to them about this farce.
  6. pretense
    He always makes a pretense of a general man.
  7. idolatrous
    Inside it were statues of the emperor depicted as a god; statues the Jews considered idolatrous.
  8. depict
    They were trying to depict the 1950’s style of the average American male.
  9. Apparently
    Apparently they are getting divorced soon.
  10. unassailable
    It is the most unassailable record in athletics
  11. memoir 미국·영국 [memwɑ:(r)]
    The former chairman agreed to sell his memoir for $7 million.
  12. intimacy [ɪntɪməsi]
    I like the intimacy of candlelight and soft music in restaurants.
  13. idolatry = iconlatry [ɪdɑ:lətri]
    Idolatry was practiced in ancient civilizations.
  14. adore
    Ancient civilizations adored their gods.
  15. obsessively
    He worries obsessively about his appearance.
  16. inflame
    And any movie that can so inflame the passions of professional moviegoers must be seen.
  17. provoke
    The purpose of terrorist attacks is often to provoke an extreme response.
  18. defy
    Death is a course of nature that no one can defy.

    I wouldn’t have dared to defy my teachers.
  19. dare
    He will never dare to enter my house again
  20. idiosyncrasy [idiəsɪŋkrəsi]
    His work reveals his idiosyncrasy.

    The car has its little idiosyncrasies.
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